Mac Miller Left $11 Million Fortune For Friends And Family

Mac Miller Leaves $11 Million Fortune to Friends and Family

Mac Miller Leaves $11 Million Fortune to Friends and Family

Late rapper, Mac Miller’s fortune has officially been totaled up – and Miller was worth over $11 million which will be split among his closest friends and family.

The rapper’s estate filed new legal docs showing Mac’s wealth has been appraised in full at about $11.3 million, including his personal property and cash on hand. A few of Mac’s buddies are going to get a vast majority of his belongings – including lots of jewelry and other things while his mom, dad and bro will get the rest.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Mac’s trust left special instructions to give Bryan Johnson all of his clothing and electronics, specifically his TV, laptop, iPads, etc. Another friend named Q Chandler-Cuff is getting more than 20 pieces of jewelry valued at several tens of thousands of dollars.

Mac Miller died of an accidental overdose last year at the age of 26. His death resulted in the arrest of his alleged drug dealer, who the feds say provided him a lethal dose of spiked drugs.

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