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Donate to Cliq brings the latest news, celebrity gists, gossips, crispy videos and entertainment to you anywhere you are in the world.

Cliq is known to be unique as we always get feedback from our visitors (Cliqers) on how to improve our site.

Over the years, we have generated revenue from banner and text advertising and music till it got to a point they were no longer enough.

The text adverts are annoying to most of our visitors, so we decided to minimize the adverts placed.

While getting feedback from Cliqers, a Cliqer suggested we add a method which enables Cliqers donate for the upkeep of the site.

Our aim?

We are now looking to generate money from even the smallest contributions from our esteemed visitors. Which includes, YOU.

How do I donate?

At this time, we have the following available accounts.


    Bitcoin Wallet 3AdJgrEktzB8DqocnfJwZXAmJwja1VodmL

You can contact us to get more options.