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Taylor Swift Gives $1 Million For Tennessee Tornado Relief




Taylor Swift Gives $1 Million For Tennessee Tornado Relief

Taylor Swift has joined some of America’s biggest artists to donate towards tornado relief after a string of tornadoes destroyed parts of Tennessee.

Two days after writing about the disasters on Twitter, the singer donated $1 million to the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund, which supports the communities affected,  spokesperson Tree Paine confirmed to CNN.

“Nashville is my home and the fact that so many people have lost their homes and so much more in Middle Tennessee is devastating to me,” Swift posted on Instagram on Thursday, encouraging her fans to donate, too.

Two tornadoes struck central Tennessee earlier this week, leaving at least 24 people dead and hundreds of buildings destroyed.

Other artistes who have donated towards the Tennessee tornado relief are Singer Chris Young, who announced that he would be donating $50,000 to the foundation, Lynyrd Skynyrd, singer Johnny Van Zant donated $10,000 to relief efforts, and other top names directed their fans to various foundations and other relief efforts.

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