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‘Tom and Jerry’ Creator Gene Deitch Is DEAD




'Tom and Jerry' Creator Gene Deitch Is DEAD

Academy award-winning cartoonist, film director and producer, Gene Deitch has died.

The ‘Tom and Jerry’ , ‘Popeye the Sailor’ creator was aged 95.

According to The Associated Press, Dietch’s death was confirmed by his Czech publisher, Petr Himmel.
Himmel revealed that the famed animator died unexpectedly in his apartment on Thursday, April 16 or the following day.

Dietch’s time with the popular ‘Tom and Jerry’franchise began in 1961 when American production company MGM commissioned Dietch to produce 13 shorts of the animation in Prague under Rembrandt Films animation studios.

Dietch wrote and directed the cartoon up until 1962.

The award-winning animator was born August 8, 1924, in Chicago and is survived by his estranged wife and three sons who are all animators.

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