10 Packing Tips Every Traveller Should Know

If you travel regularly, you’d be needing these few travel tips to get yourself “good to go” while on a vacation, like when you’re on Flights from Lagos to New York.

1. Use colored packing cubes to organize your clothes
By doing this, you can pull out the “shirts” bag quickly without searching and dumping out an entire backpack.

2. Get a sarong, it’s cheap than travels towels and it serves many purposes

Use it as a wrap, lay it out for picnics or sunbathing, or dry off with it. They’re super light and dry quickly, even in humid places. For packing, invest in packing cubes! They make packing and living out of a suitcase/backpack more organized and much easier.

3. Bring some see-through plastic bags

They are useful for keeping dirty or wet clothes separate from clean clothes, replacing lost cosmetics bags, storing souvenirs, keeping dirty shoes contained, and just generally keeping your backpack organized without needing to empty it every time you want to find something.

4. Pack a few plastic baggies in different sizes

They are great for swiping food for lunch from the buffet breakfast or for saving the seashells your child collected. As a bonus, bring a small, collapsible cooler with a baggie filled with ice from the hotel to keep your lunch cold or to refrigerate something you pick up from the store for later.

5. Know the type of shoe to bring with you

Even shoes that you normally consider comfortable may pinch your feet or give you blisters. Go for the most comfortable yet neutral shoes you can find, and make sure they’re broken in. Bring cuter shoes for short outings or evenings.

6. Make sure all your liquid items are in bags or separated from the rest of your things.

By doing this, if one of the bottles gets damaged, it won’t get all over your entire wardrobe.

7. Roll, don’t fold.

Many travel experts have it that rolling is superior to folding. Tightly rolled clothes take up less space than folded ones. Plus, they’re less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases.

8. Make a packing list

You’re to start your packing process days or even weeks ahead of your departure date; this gives you time to craft a complete list, plus purchase any additional items you might need for your vacation. Creating a packing list is a fail-safe way to ensure that you never, ever forget to bring something important.

9. Know your airline’s baggage-fee policy

Figuring out the airlines’ tricky and befuddling baggage-fee policies is key to any budget-minded packing strategy. While most airlines permit travelers to check at least one bag on international flights, the majority of carriers charge much for bags checked on domestic flights.

10. Use packing aids

Use packing aid like Eagle Creek Compression Sacs. Use them to shrivel your clothes into a vacuum-packed, tiny, tight bundle that takes up minimal suitcase space. Other packing aids that can help you organize better and fit more into your bag include packing envelopes and packing cubes.

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