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ALBUM: LNDN DRGS (Left Brain x Jay Worthy) Brain on DRGS | Mp3/Zip File Download




LNDN DRGS (Left Brain x Jay Worthy) Brain on DRGS Album Download


LNDN DRGS (Left Brain x Jay Worthy) Brain on DRGS Album Download

LNDN DRGS made their biggest splash as a renaissance project and defied expectation in keeping the faith. The duo of Sean House and Jay Worthy seem like the unlikeliest of duos on paper: a hip-hop head from Vancouver, British Columbia meets a Compton rapper, but the truth is, they’ve known each other since childhood. It certainly shows.

On their latest retrofitted project, the boys at LNDN DRGS mix with Left Brain in creating Brain On DRGS, a project that boasts “Make Money,” a single that’s been in circulation for some time. Left Brain and Jay Worthy spit game with a refreshingly nostalgic sensibility. Don’t let the title fool you, Worthy and Left Brain are pitching “straightforward hedonism.” Artists like LNDN DRGS and Left Brain are impervious to changing their character on command, which oddly enough, doesn’t strike me as them being stubborn, but them being wholly-inspired by something greater than themselves.

Brain On DRGS

1. Brain on DRGS (Intro)  | DOWNLOAD

2. Dodgers  | DOWNLOAD

3. Make Money  | DOWNLOAD

4. Playhouse  | DOWNLOAD

5. Go To Work  | DOWNLOAD

6. On Mamas  | DOWNLOAD

7. Unesta (Interlude)  | DOWNLOAD

8. Shoestrings  | DOWNLOAD

9. Violation  | DOWNLOAD



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