Ali Baba warns women who slap men

Veteran comic actor Ali Baba has warned women who slap men by highlighting that the motive why some men walk away or are soft during confrontations from women isn’t because they are weak, but because they want to avoid problems.

Ali Baba warns women who slap men
Ali Baba warns women who slap men

Women that are fast to raise their hands on men, should cease from doing so so they do not wake sleeping dogs and incur unnecessary wrath.

His post:

The fact that some people step back when you are angry and raise your voice, doesn’t mean they cannot do anything about it. Most times, it’s best to be better advised.

Most times, the reason the person is not walking away from your rant, #IsThatThingAroundHisNeck.

Here it’s the chain. Could well be the job, the respect he has for you, financial dependency, religion, what will people say, I was brought up to know better, that Kenny Rogers’ song that said “You don’t have to fight to be a man”, fear of committing a murder, all these gender activist.

Because, one day, just one day, when the same people are pushed to the wall… your barking and grand standing will be humbled.

Empty vessels make the loudest noise. A great philosopher once said, “No go dey do pass your seffff!”

Those ladies that like to slap men, be warned. He is gentle. Ok. Until “otoge!”.

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