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#BBNaija: Cee-C Accused Of Stealing Alex’s Necklace, Her Sister Reacts




Yesterday during preparation for the usual Saturday night’s party, while other housemates were busy admiring Rico’s outfit for the party, controversial housemate – CeeC was seen sneaking into Alex’s payporte bag to collect an unidentified item.

When Ceec finally got the item out of the bag, she moved fastly to the closet unnoticed.

Moments later, Alex started to search for her necklace and CeeC walked up to her, called her to the closet and gave her back her necklace.

Both CeeC and Alex joked about the whole thing because according to Alex, she had also hidden CeeC’s shades so CeeC hid her piece in retaliation.

However, it was alleged that CeeC stole from Alex.

CeeC’s elder sister Bella who was offline at the time the news was trending yesterday has now penned her thoughts.

Cee-C’s sister wrote,

I just saw the post where my sister was labeled a thief! .
A thief in front of numerous cameras and millions of eyes? .
This is a new low on hatred! .
This is the danger of a SINGLE STORY Chimamanda spoke about. .
How can you make a conclusion from a less than 60 seconds video? .
It’s fine though. .
I know my sister isn’t who the media say she is. .
And lots of people watching without prejudice know that too. .
So I’m not bothered anymore. .
At the end, you judge others based on who you are. .
Half full cup… Half empty cup. It’s all about your mindset. .
Cee-C Rock On!

#BBNaija: Cee-C Accused Of Stealing Alex's Necklace, Her Sister Reacts 5

#BBNaija: Cee-C Accused Of Stealing Alex's Necklace, Her Sister Reacts 6

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