Buhari says Nigerians still acknowledge “notable successes in the security sector” despite Killings


President Muhammadu Buhari has said that Nigerians still acknowledge “notable successes in the security sector” despite the killings going on across the country.


The president said this in an interactive session with stakeholders on Tuesday while on a visit to Jos, Plateau State, where over 100 persons were killed.


What happened in Jos was very bad, he said, but he appealed to the Nigerians to avoid “inflammatory utterances.”


Whatever is being given to the media, we have to be very responsible about it.


Take for instance the situation in Benue. The Benue subsistence farmer knows that the Nigerian cattle herder that he knows doesn’t carry nothing more than a stick, occasionally sometimes something to cut grass to feed his cattle.


But the present herder, I am told, carries AK47 and people are even blaming me for not talking to them because maybe (they say) I look like one of them.


There is some injustice in these aspersions.


According to him, “It is noteworthy that many Nigerians still acknowledge that despite the security challenges, this administration has made notable successes in the security sector.”

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