“I Can Never Date Or Marry Phyno, Igbo Men Are Rude” — Nigerian Lady Laments

A Facebook user, Amara Chukwu Sarkodie, who believes that Igbo men are generally rude and not submissive, took to the platform to reveal reasons why she can’t date Igbo men especially singer, Phyno.

According to the lady, she cannot date or marry Igbo men because they are rude and won’t be submissive.

“I Can Never Date Or Marry Phyno, Igbo Men Are Rude” — Nigerian Lady Laments 4

She wrote;

“I can never date or marry Azubuike aka phyno .


1. He is an Igbo man and definitely he will be rude and won’t be submissive. He has this anambra wicked look. I run away from anambra and IMO guys because they are too arrogant.

2. He is richer than me. I will never marry any rich man when I know I have not started earning millions, I do not want to tolerate insult from them.

3. He is a celebrity and would likely cheat.
I don’t want a cheat.

I don’t know how my aunt was so lucky to marry an anambra man that respects her and her decision but as for me I am joining Amanda adichie to marry non Igbo.

I laugh when they say Igbo men are the best and most romantic.
They are only the best for you that agreed to stoop low for them just to answer wife material.

Anyways I comment my reserve.

If phyno should ask me out, I will turn down his offer.

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Frustrated bitter feminist
Aka(witch and lesbian)”

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