Canada Legalizes The Use Of Marijuana

Canada Legalizes The Use Of Marijuana
Canada have legalized the recreational use of Marijuana.

Canada on Wednesday became the first major world economy to legalize recreational marijuana use, beginning a national experiment that will alter the country’s social, cultural and economic fabric, and present the nation with its biggest public policy challenge in decades.

On Wednesday morning, the government announced that it would introduce legislation to make it easier for Canadians who had been convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana to obtain a pardon.

While the government is not offering a blanket amnesty, Ralph Goodale, the public safety minister, said at a news conference in Ottawa that as “a matter of basic fairness,” the government would seek to end the minimum waiting period of five years to apply for a pardon as well as waiving the fee of $631 Canadian dollars.

“We will make the application process as simple as it can be,” Mr. Goodale said, adding that details would not be available for several weeks.

Canada is only the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to legalize it.

According to Statistics Canada, 4.9 million Canadians used cannabis last year and consumed more than 20 grams of marijuana per person, spending a total of $5.6 billion.

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