Cardi B Deletes Her Instagram Account

Cardi B Deletes Her Instagram Account

One of the world’s finest female rappers, Cardi B seems to have left Instagram, at least for now.

While the reason for the disappearance is still unknown, those who have engaged with the artiste’s social media content after Sunday night’s Grammy Awards might assume that Cardi has initiated a justified hiatus.

The rapper’s presence during the award ceremony was substantial. She came through with her husband, a first official appearance since their split and offered a powerful live performance. Then, she made history as she became the first female solo rapper to be honoured with the Best Rap Album award.

The public’s reaction to her victory created a tense environment online with many naysayers claiming the title should have been given to a different project. The criticism was also personal since some remarked that the young artiste was completely undeserving of the acknowledgment. This led to Cardi’s now-deleted rant in which she defended her victory, citing her unparalleled work ethic.

After the event, Cardi uploaded a tame version of her statement and also uploaded a clip showing off the bruised legs she earned while rehearsing for the award ceremony.

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