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Instagram queen, Vickie Ama, denies having nipple enlargement



Instagram queen, Vickie Ama, denies having nipple enlargement

Curvy African girls are not in short supply on Instagram. There are even several accounts that showcase these ‘beautiful works of nature’ on social media.

However, there is one particular ‘slay queen’ whose posts always go viral. Her name is Vickie Ama, born to a Ghanaian father and a Nigerian mother. Her numerous followers on Instagram can’t seem to get enough of her huge boobs and unusually long nipples. The ‘strange’ size of her nipples has even led many to insinuate that she has had cosmetic surgery.

Responding to Sunday Scoop’s inquiry about the structure of her mammary glands, Ama said, “All what you see is God-given. I am naturally endowed and I don’t have any regrets about that. Right from my early teenage years, I realised that my boobs were bigger than those of most of my mates and I was always getting attention because of them. I wasn’t initially comfortable with all the stares that came my way, but I have gotten used to them over time.”

On the perception that she is always posting provocative pictures to tease men, she said, “I am just being me. Don’t you post your pictures on social media? So, because I have big boobs, I shouldn’t take pictures again? Anybody that doesn’t like it doesn’t have to follow me. It’s not by force.”

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