This is Fate: Monday & Tuesday — 25th & 26th March, 2019

This is Fate Monday & Tuesday 25th & 26th March, 2019

This is Fate Monday & Tuesday 25th & 26th March, 2019


Neil laughs as Karan and Rishab had been captured. He mocks at Karan’s skill of cricket. Preeta and Shrishti had come there. Shrishti says they must inform Sameer but he wasn’t there behind. She says he must be arranging some arms. Preeta whispers into Shrishti’s ear who walks towards Karan and Rishab. Neil was shocked to see her. Preeta grabs a gun from behind Neil and points a gun at his forehead. He orders to untie their ropes. Preeta forces him to turn around, but another man comes from behind to snatch the gun off her hand. She was held with the others in the hall. Neil says he will be hanged as he has done a single murder, now he will kill all of them and get the same punishment. He says now he will play the filmy game with them, and shows a full magazine of revolver to them. He pointed

the gun towards Preeta. Rishab and Karan shout at Neil to leave the girls. Neil agrees to drop Preeta and instead points the gun at Shrishti.

Sarla, Mahesh and Rakhi enter the godown. Prithvi was behind Mahesh and recognizes Sheru. Mahesh picks up a rod and asks Prithvi to come forward, they must confront this goon together. He drags Prithvi along. Sheru asks Prithvi if he brought the money. Prithvi hides behind Mahesh denying. Someone hits Sheru at the back of his head. Sheru fell unconscious. Prithvi hugs Sameer appreciating him. Rakhi and Sarla come there. Rakhi and Mahesh argue about who must go farther.

There, Neil held everyone hostage and asks whom to kill. Rakhi and Sarla come in. Neil was shocked to see the whole family. Sarla slaps Neil, Mahesh beats him. Karan and Rishab join in. Rakhi and Sameer held one of the goons. The goon points a gun at Sameer, Rakhi helps him by throwing a stool at the goon. Preeta and Shrishti take iron rods to hit the goons together. Rishab and Karan wrestle against the men. Sarla finds Prithvi peek from behind the box and wonders whose side he is.

Karan takes on Neil and twists his hand. Neil screams out of pain. Karan steps over his hand asking if he touched Preeta with the same hand. Preeta watches this from behind. Karan was about to hit the hurt hand with a rod, Preeta shouts a No. Neil takes a chance to grab the iron rod and attacks over Karan. Karan fights back. One of his goons hold Karan at gun point, Neil takes on Karan. Preeta pushes the goon with the gun and herself fell over Karan. Neil and his man flee the spot. Another goon come to hit them with an iron rod, Karan holds his hand in the middle of air and beats him.

Rakhi finds a gun lying on the floor. She grabs Neil from the back of his shirt and holds him at gun point. She grabs the attention of everyone. The goons had been grabbed by Luthra’s already. Rakhi explains to Neil she watched a lot of Indian Flims. Sarla takes the opportunity to slap Neil multiple times, she questions how he dare try to kill her daughters. She is no more alone, Karan Rishab and Sameer are also here with her. Every Prithvi is with her. She calls Prithvi who was hidden behind the walls. Neil laughs devilishly, and says Sarla is so innocent. Before he could tell anything to anyone Police arrived. Neil dodges everyone and jump out of the godown. The Luthra family gather and meet each other. Prithvi smirks from behind the wall and says he called the police who came at the right time. Preeta was shocked to see that Prithvi had come. Sarla says he came with them.

Rakhi and Sarla scold the kids for putting their lives at stake. Rishab apologizes everyone and says it was Karan’s decision to wear such costumes and break in. Some of the goons try to run passing that hall, everyone hurry behind them.

Sherlin thinks about calling Prithvi for once as she feels something is surely wrong with him. Prithvi was hiding behind a pile of boxes as the police took Neil and his men. He cuts Sherlin’s call. One of the goon’s men come to hold Prithvi’s feet and requests him to help them. Prithvi decides to run away, Sheru warns to inform police about Prithvi’s reality. He was the one who got them caught in such trouble. Prithvi thinks he can’t be seen with anyone from Neil’s gang here and takes a chance to hit Sheru’s head. The police arrive there and ask

why Prithvi hit him? Sheru faints before he could blame Prithvi in front of inspector. Prithvi tells the inspector that he has to reach the police station, their senior inspector wants him to register a complaint. He leaves in his car.

Preeta asks Karan if he was really going to break his hand. Karan questions if Preeta still wants to know why he did this all. They share an eye-lock. Some of the goons come running there and hit both. Karan’s nose hit with Preeta’s forehead. Both begin blaming each other. Preeta demands a sorry from Karan but he wasn’t ready for it. The argument continue to taking credits of saving them from goons. The family stand aside and watch them fight helplessly. Karan counts every name whose life he saved. Preeta insists she held Neil at gun point and saved everyone and Karan must always remember he was saved by a girl. The family now interfere and tells them to stop fighting. Rishab says if they are finished with their fight should they go out to see Sameer and Shrishti.

There, Sameer brings Shrishti to a corner in the godown. He says he needs to tell her something important. Shrishti knew he wanted to tell her how much he cared for her. Sameer tells her not to play such daring again, he won’t save her repeatedly. Shrishti complains that none of them did anything for them, her sister only saved them all. Sameer tightly shuts her mouth and says he feels strange these days. He only knows he can’t bear to lose her easily. As he turns to leave, Shrishti comes from behind and hugs him tightly. Sameer hugs her back. She was about to express her love when Rishab and everyone else come there. They fake an argument with each other. Mahesh scolds Sameer for fighting a girl and tells them to leave. After everyone has left, Karan and Rishab inquire Sameer what’s between him and Shrishti. Sarla comes there asking about Prithvi then. Sameer takes a chance to leave. Karan suggests Sarla to call Prithvi.

Prithvi was driving the car and tells Sarla he called police and now it wanted him to reach police station as soon as possible. He will take care of the official complaint. He asks Sarla to go home and take care of Shrishti, but she must not let Shrishti speak to police. He doesn’t want her to face any other stress. Sarla was thankful to Prithvi. Prithvi says they are all like a family to him, he had to do this after all. He will share the details of matter at police station with her tomorrow. He asks Sarla to thank Luthra family, they have done a lot for Shrishti. Later, Sarla thanks Karan and Rishab from Prithvi’s side. Karan complains that they did this all for Prithvi’s thanks, otherwise they have no relation with Shrishti.

Sherlin was restlessly waiting outside when Prithvi reach outside his house. Sherlin says she was much concerned for him. Prithvi says he was saved after much trouble today, when he reached the site Preeta was there with Karan and Rishab and as he tried to flee Sarla, Rakhi and Mahesh arrived and took him inside. He saved himself with much difficulty and called police there. Prithvi decides to find a police inspector who is greedy and will ask him to handle this case; otherwise the goons might tell his name and his marriage with Preeta will break.

Sarla brings drinks for everyone and says that she is happy that are together. Dadi Jee says that whenever everyone comes back after an incident then the happiness is awesome. Sarla says that it was because of Janki and she is their hero. They all talk and Sarla says that she is really happy as Prithiv really helped them a lot and he is a very good person, Shrishti says that he can only give orders and does nothing else but Sarla is convinced that he is as good person, Shistri and Preeta are not happy with Prithvi’s behavior and then they all go to sleep

Rakhi is sitting with Rishab and Karan and they are all talking about what happened and Rakhi says that Rishab will today sleep with Karan as they have done something incredible, Sameer also joins them and says that they all forgot about him and he will also sleep with his brothers now that they have done something worth mentioning. Mahesh comes running also wanting to sleep but the brother’s decline and say that it is their time and they will sleep only in this room to which Rakhi also agrees and asks Mahesh to come.

Rishab congratulates Rakhi on how brave she has been today in fighting the Goons, she says that she lost every interest when she got married and she was finally able to fight and is now feeling good, Rishab says that he will buy her a gun to which his father disagrees and taunts her mother.




Prithvi is in his house when he gets a call from an unknown number he picks it up to find its Neil who is very angry, Prithvi tries to calm him down but he says that he wants sixty lacs for the release of his people, hearing this Prithvi gets nervous on how will he arrange such a large amount. Neil ends the call and then Prithvi gets confused as now he has to give the amount for their release also.

Shristri says that she never cared for the comforts of the house that soft bed and peaceful environment but now when she has come back from such a horrible place she finally understands Preeta also says that whenever a person goes through a horrible incident only then does he understand the safety of home.

Preeta says that Sameer did everything he could to help her and Karan is always ready to enter a fight but ashes was amazed at Rishab Jee as he is such a gentleman and when he fought for her I that disguise and did everything for her. Shristri says that she has always felt that Karan does everything he can for Preeta and takes her problem as his own and always helps them to which Preeta also agrees and says that they are blessed that they have met the Luthra’s because they have become their good friends.

Preeta asks Shristri to sleep and then goes out, she says that Karan is not a bad person and she will now save his name instead of KADWA KERALA. She calls him and Karan asks Sameer to give him his phone and he asks Rishab after he picks up the phone, the all get irritated and ask Karan to go out to attend the phone, Karan goes out and says that does she not understand that they were all very tired and were sleeping and what the matter is. Karan asks her as to what the matter is and why did she wanted to call , Preeta does not know what to say at which Karan decides to put the phone down at which she says THANK YOU and he gets amazed and asks if she is alright and if she has a fever but she asa that she 8is genuinely happy and is lucky to have a friend like him as he is such a good person and is always ready to put his life in danger, Karan says that he is not used to hearing so much thank you and he did it for his own family, he says that he will get a headache if she thanks him again and he also changes her name from Kareli to Preeta.

Shrishti is not able to sleep and is constantly thinking about how Sameer risked his life for her, they would have almost escaped if not for her stupidity and he even fought the goons and did all of this for her just like Karan jumped into the fire for Preeta, she feels strange and has some unthinkable feeling I her heart She is constantly thinking about Sameer and is just waiting for the morning to meet Sameer.

Preeta comes and asks Shristri as to what she is thinking and asks that why cannot girls decide their own fate and why do boys have all the fun, Preeta says that they can and there is also a film on it, to which they decide to go and make a plan that they will take the Luthra’s with them.

Rakhi asks why her mother came out of the room to which she says that Preeta has not come

and when they are talking Preeta suddenly comes and says that she got late because she was not able to find the auto but now she is here and they will start the exercise, Rakhi comes and admires that even her mother now loves Preeta to which she says that there is still one person to be convinced and then Rakhi Sister comes in and she taunts her.

Preeta says that she will bring hot water bottle but Rakhi says that she will do all the work.

Preeta comes and stumps into Karan who is going for his practice, they both apologize and Preeta tells him that she hid one off his balls in the Vase because she was afraid of it but now it is okay, just then Rishab walks in and says that he is happy that both of them are calm and talking just like normal friends. They both walk when Karan turns back and is seeing Preeta and is about to stumble when Rishab catches him and asks as to what the matter is but Karan ignores it and starts to walk towards the door, Rishab feels that there is something new in his behavior.

Karina is standing when Sherlin walks in and greets her, Karina immediately asks her where the necklace is which she bought for her and her daughter. Sherlin gets confused to which Karina says that she specially made two of those necklace because she wanted to show her friends that she loves her daughter and Sherlin the same way but Sherlin says that she cannot find the Necklace to which Karina gets angry and says that she cannot accept such reckless behavior

Preeta gets a call from Prithvi who says that he got a call from her mother who wants that he should take Preeta for some shopping but Preeta says that she cannot go as she has to work and Karan’s Dadi is not feeling well, Prithvi says that she must take some time out as he is also working but still will go to the police station for Shrishti’s case, Preeta also agrees after hearing this and then goes towards Dadi room.

She enters the room and Dadi is sitting on the bed and says that she is feeling a lot of pain in her left leg, Preeta takes a look at it and sees a swelling to which she says that they will go to the hospital but Dadi does not agree and says that she will only let her operate but Preeta convinces her.

Prithvi is sitting in his car and is trying to call Sherlin but he does not pick up the phone, he gets angry and says that she does not answer the phone when it is urgent. He sees Preeta coming with Rakhi and Didi and is amazed to see them and pretends to be a good person and agrees to take them to the hospital, did asks Rakhi to stay back as they do not need her. Preeta and Daidi sit in the car, Preeta sits in the back to which Prithvi looks at her amazed, Preeta says that she only sat in the back because Dadi needs her more, Prithvi also agrees and they take off.

Prithvi is taking Dadi and Preeta when he suddenly applies the brakes and Preeta drops her phone, she gets tensed and asks to what the matter is to which he says that a dog came in front of the car and he had to apply the brakes, Dadi asks him to drive carefully, Preeta picks up the phone and finds Sherlin’s Necklace, she thinks the Karina said that she had those two necklaces specially prepared and there is no other set like this, she wonders as to what this set is doing in Prithvi car.

Sherlin is looking in Kartika closet when she comes and stops her, Sherlin says that she looked everywhere and was not able to find it and this is the only the room left in their house. Kartika says that there is nothing of Sherlin in her room but Sherlin says that Kartika herself said that she forgets after placing her things, Kartika hearing this gets angry and says that she is blaming her that she stole her necklace, Sherlin says that she will go and look In the guest room as she sometimes also changes her clothes there, Kartika makes faces when she leaves saying that she has a lot of guts to blame her and her mother was very right to scold her because she is like this.

Preeta is thinking as to how it is possible that Sherlin’s necklace in in Prithvi’s car and what is Karan was right. Then she thinks when Karan is said that there was some connection between Prithvi and Sherlin and this is so because Sherlin always takes side of him whenever he is in trouble. Preeta is thinking in the car when Prithvi says that he feels blessed to be able to take care of her, Dadi also says that he is a very good person. Dadi is about to stumble when Prithvi says that he is very angry with her she does not listen to him and always does what she wants to. Prithvi and Dadi get into the elevator while Preeta is left behind. they all get out of the elevator where they meet the doctor, Preeta takes Dadi in the room, Prithvi thinks that he must go as he must arrange the money for Neil, he is about to leave when Preeta comes and tries to tell him something but he says that he has to go to the Police station for the formalities of Shristri case. He leaves and Preeta comes into the room.

Prithvi is by his car and is really frustrated as to why he has to act like a good person in front of Preeta and Dadi, he says that his mother did something very bad because now instead of being with his love Sherlin he has to be with Dadi and Preeta , he thinks of calling Sherlin as if he does not do this then she will get angry and will over react and will become a headache, he reaches for his phone and does not find it anywhere, thinking of where it went he remembers that he gave it to Preeta when he was helping Dadi, he gets nervous and rushes to get it.

Prithvi is by the elevator and thinking that only if Sherlin does not call him meanwhile Sherlin calls him but Preeta doesn’t answer, Sherlin gets angry and again tries his number but when Preeta is about to pick it up Prithvi gets back and takes the phone, she says that he came back in the right time as his phone is ringing for quite some time and he must pick it up, Prithvi says that t is and un known number and he does not know who it is and cancels it, they start talking when the phone rings again and he silences it, Preeta asks as to who it is to which he says that it is from the police station and he must leave immediately, he will try to finish it today once and for all. He then leaves.

Prithvi is walking in the parking lot and thinks that he reached Preeta in the right time as Preeta was just about to answer Sherlin’s call and he took the phone, he thinks of saving it by name of mom 2 as then no one will think of anything and he will make a story.

He calls Sherlin and she says that he should have answer the phone because there must have been something important, she says that she lost th necklace given be Karina but he does not remember she insists and says that she lost the necklace after the night when they were both together and he has tyo look, Prithiv agrees and he looks for the necklace in the but is not able to find it, Sherlin says that he has to find it because it was given t her by Karina and she is the only women in the Luthra’s house who is in her support and if she does not find it then there will be a lot of problem, just then she hears a voice from behind and looks back worried to find that it is Rakhi jee.

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