This is Fate: Thursday and Friday — 28th and 29th March, 2019

This is Fate Thursday and Friday 28th and 29th March, 2019

This is Fate Thursday and Friday 28th and 29th March, 2019

Karan is walking and planning to tell everyone the truth and free Preeta of the blame that she is a thief when suddenly Dadi stops him and asks about why there is so much noise, Karan say that she has not heard the noise when it was at its peak and now she will again witness it. Dadi asks Preeta that when she was picking up the phone from Prithvi’s car she noticed that Preeta also [picked that necklace and was worried, Dadi says that she thought that she got it from Prithvi and now she found it. But she is unable to understand that what this Necklace is doing in their house.

Prithvi is very angry and says that Sherlin did not pick his phone and he cannot even go to her house because he mother is there, she even did not pick his phone as she is angry because he asked her to go and check as to what Preeta was doing in Karan’s room and he was right because Preeta is his fiancé and he has the right. He thinks that he will treat her like a slave after their marriage and he only agreed for their marriage because he wanted to take revenge but why is he getting so interested in her.

Rakhi asks Sherlin that she is about to become a family member and it is her right to ask her these questions, because when this necklace was given to her by Kareena then what was it doing in Prithvi’s car, she also asks Kareena to trust Preeta for once as she is a very good person and she is the only one who can be trusted blindly. Kareena says that Preeta is making up stories to protect herself to which Dadi says that has she lost her mind because when she is saying that she was with Preeta when she found the necklace, Rakhi says that whatever the matter is but she will find out as to how the necklace got in Prithvi’s car, Karan says that it is her right.

Mahesh says that she is not answering their questions so they will ask Prithvi and so he calls him, Preeta says that it is not right to disturb him to which Karan stops her and they contact him and ask him to name immediately.

Karan says that Preeta did not say anything knowing that she was innocent because she is his friend and knew that he lied to which he is solely thank you, Preeta also feel blessed feels to have a friend like him who is caring and is always there for her. Karan says to Sherlin that Prithvi will answer some questions but she will also have to answer some questions.

Dadi says that a girl should marry the boy who can do the heavy work of the house. Shristri and Sameer both get confused and look at her, she says to not look at her like this as she is only stating common fact and it is not that she is referring to both of them. they both answer hurriedly that they are not interested in each other, Dadi says that she was not talking about them, Shristhri asks Dadi to stop when suddenly Sarla comes and they all go quiet, she says that she came for the sugar otherwise she will get angry, they all go quiet and then Sameer says that he is going to lift the Wardrobe, Sarla also thanks him.

Sherlin is talking with Prithvi who is asking her to stay calm , then he says to her to not back out as they have achieved so much, then he asks her if she admitted that the necklace

was hers to which she asks him t listen and then informs her about all what happened to which she says that she told everything that happened because Karan made a trap for her and she fell for it, Prithvi also gets very angry and says that he is now finished and there is nothing that he can do now and he cannot even run because the Luthra’s have no0w called him and he must come,

They both are talking when Sherlin hears Rishab coming and quickly cancels the phone, he asks to come in and says that he did not want to insult her in front of everyone and asks her if she knew Prithvi before they met and says that he wants the truth and if she lies then he will find it by himself to which she says that she did not and met him only at the Rokha of Prithvi and Preeta to which he also agrees.

Sameer and Shristhri are both in her room and he says that he wants to say something to her to which she stops him and says that she will tie a band on his head and then they both have a romantic moment. After she ties the band he says that he wants to say something but Shristri is not listening and trying to avoid him but he asks her to be quiet and then when he is about to say something suddenly Sarla comes and asks him to drink the tea and then also asks her to not bother him beyond his limit.

Karan comes Preeta as to what happened now that everything is going to be alright to which she says that how can she be alright as now her fiancé will be questioned and everyone said that this relationship will be good for both of them to which he says that after today everyone will know the true face of both Sherlin and Prithvi, Preeta says to him that she cannot be happy to which Karan asks her to look to him and asks if she trusts him and says that this will be good for both of them as she will be free from a weeding that will only give her tears and he will be able to save his friend, Preeta says that no one can deny destiny.

Preeta gets a call from Sarla who says that they got gifts from Prithvi’s mother and they are very good and she thinks that she should go and buy some gifts for them and asks Preeta to tell her the things which she likes as she will go and buy them and she is not able to work in pressure and so must go for shopping then she says to her that she must call her as soon as she remembers and then cut6s the call.

Karan comes and asks Preeta as to what her mother was saying to which she says that it ws nothing, Karan says that he knows she is lying and asks for the truth she says that her mother was going to buy gifts for Prithvi’s family, Karan inquires as to why did she not tell the truth to her mother, Preeta sasys that nothing is certain and she did not want to worry her mother as she sounded very happy. Karan says that no matter as everything will be clear soon as Prithvi’s will be arriving soon and also asks her to come.

All of them are waiting when Mahesh says that why is taking so time for Prithvi to come to which Karan says that he must have got scared and left the town Prithvi is coming and when he arrives Karan welcomes him, Karina asks him as to is he aware as to why is he called here today, Rishab says that he was called here because he some answers to questions which they have, Prithvi says that he only knows that he was called here for some special purpose. Rishab asks him if she has some relation with Sherlin, after which he gets quiet to which Karina asks him if she should repeat the question to which he says that he only got quiet because he was confused as to why did Rishab ask such a weird question Prithvi asks in amazement, what necklace to which Rishab shows him this necklace showing him the piece, then Karan asks him if his eyesight is alright and then he starts to force him, Karan asks him to not deny it as Preeta found it i9n his car and Dadi says that she also saw it.


Rishab says that he should not be concerned but should only answer the question that he was asked, that what was this necklace dong in his car to which Karan also pressurizes him and Prithvi also gets angry saying that he will only answer Preeta, then he shows Preeta a receipt to a necklace saying that it was bought a surprise gift for her but he did not think that his surprise will turn into suspicion. Rishab gets angry and says that he should only answer the question which was asked to which he says that he bought

it with his mother, they ask him to call her and he does that, Karan asks him to put it on speaker and he does that, Prithvi talks with her and then without letting anyone ask her anything he cancels it, to which he also gets angry and say that a got the proof, Karan disagrees and then Sherlin tries to support him.


Sherlin says that Karan always does this with her and mistrusts her character and never listens to her after which she runs away crying to which Karina asks Rishab to go and take care of her, Rishab goes unwillingly. Karina asks Karan to stop as his method is not true.


Rishab goes to Sherlin where she is crying and saying that she was not trusted and insulted very badly to which Rishab says that she must stop this acting and sincerely ask this question to her that was this necklace her, she says that she was not allowed to answer to which he says that this was not the case as she did not even answer and was standing there quietly, he says that he was also there and did not listen to anything, she then tries to make an excuse to which Rishab says that she was asked a simple question and she was to answer it but she failed, he is about to leave when she asks him that he trusts Preeta more than her to which he says that he trusts her more than himself.


Preeta runs and stops Prithvi apologizing to him about what happened to which he says that why must he forgive her as she never trust him not when it was Tapsi and not with Sherlin as she thinks that he is having an affair with her but he always did his best to uphold her honor and never did that hurt her but she always did just that on Karan’s saying or advice. He says that she wants to and says that nothing will ever happen like this again, he says that he will only forgive her on one condition and it is that he does not want to see tears in her eyes, he says that if they are to live their lives together then can she let him give her the necklace which he bought for her, she agrees and Karan is getting very angry, thinking that he is a very jealous person and he will do whatever it takes to stop him, Prithvi hugs her and seeing this karan gets angry and throws the vase, Prithvi and Preeta turns back amazed, he says to her that Dadi is calling her as her foot hurts, she looks to Prithvi and he says that she ,must go to her and she leaves, when Karan is about to leave Prithvi stops him and asks as to why is he doing this to which Karan asks him to tell the truth, Prithvi answers that he knows the truth to which Karan says that he truly knows and he will do it until everyone knows.


Karina asks Sherlin to stop crying and there are a lot of people living in this house and she must come into their house and must take everyone with her. Karina sasy that she scolded Karan as it was his mistake, she says that she is amazed at Rishab’s reaction and feels that he does not trust her, Rakhi asks him to come and apologize which he does then she says that he must apologize to her to which he says that he can do it ten or hundred time but it should be his mistake, Rakhi asks him to do it for her sake and he do exactly that, when Rishab is apologizing Karan sees Sherlin’s phone and he thinks of an idea.



Rishab apologizes Sherlin dryly and asks Rakhi if she is happy now? Rakhi says thank you. Rishab leaves. Karan genuinely thanks Sherlin. Sherlin was happy that this is what she wanted. Kareena was boastful about her children. Rishab looks around for Preeta who just arrives with Prithvi. Kareena blames Preeta for all that happened today, she must have questioned Prithvi abruptly when she found the necklace. Sherlin’s character was blamed because of her only. Dadi takes everyone attention to Rakhi and Mahesh’s wedding 25th anniversary. Mahesh asks about a party. Kareena was sure Rishab and Karan will arrange one. Rishab promises to organize the party, Sherlin promises to help him. Dadi invites Prithvi. He assures he will be there and wonders why she didn’t invite Preeta. Sherlin suggests about inviting

Preeta. Dadi says those who are family aren’t invited. Preeta is like Rishab and Karan to her. Preeta gets emotional and hugs Dadi.

Karan comes to a side and finds out that the phone has a password. He wonders what can be the password, he tries Rishab’s birthday, then Sherlin’s birthday. He wonders what Sherlin could have set as a password and tries 1234. It works. He was shocked to find Prithvi’s calls on her phone. He was now confirmed there was something between them, she had called Prithvi between he inquired and Papa called Prithvi. She transferred the whole information to him. Now he has a proof.

Sarla discuss with Dadi that she wish to marry her daughters in the best of ways. Dadi assures that their daughters will marry to the best of the men.

Karan comes to the hall to plan Sherlin’s phone back on the table. Rishab was ordering catering for 25th anniversary of Mahesh and Rakhi’s wedding. Mahesh asks about inviting Sarla, Preeta assures she will inform at home but Rakhi says she herself wants to invite Sarla. She asks to put the phone on speaker. Prithvi thinks to himself that he did it. There, Karan signals Preeta to come to a side.

Sarla takes Rakhi’s call. Rakhi gives Sarla the good news about their anniversary. Mahesh jokes that he has been bearing Rakhi for last 25 years. Sarla laughs that actually Rakhi has bear him, then apologizes Mahesh. No one minds. They invite them for the party. Sarla says she would send Sameer home for party preparations as he is helping Shrishti with some work. Rakhi takes a chance and go aside to speak to Sarla. Preeta goes to bring her bag from Dadi’s room. Karan follows her. Sherlin wonders what Rakhi has to speak to Sarla alone. There, Rakhi tells Sarla that Sameer isn’t someone who would come to help anyone anyway. She says this means something is surely going between their kids, they must try and find out about it and catch their kids red handed.

In the room, Shrishti and Sameer were painting the walls of their room together. Sameer tells her to be careful, he won’t be able to catch her right now. He complains she never listens to him. Shrishti says she is no more the old Shrishti and would listen to everything he says. Shrishti comes down the stairs to argue Sameer and points mistakes in his painting. Sameer asks if he is some professional painter, he has done what he felt the best. Sarla heard their argument from outside, she thinks Rakhi said something otherwise but here they are badly fighting. They stop watching Sarla. Sarla makes up that she wanted to take the empty bowl. Sameer asks her for a glass of cold water, something has put his brain to fire.

In the kitchen, Rakhi was in disbelief that so many years have passed while she poured sweets in the plate. Mahesh comes to the kitchen and says he is the rightful of these sweets. They share a few sweet romantic moments together and feed the sweets to each other together and hug each other. Kritika had come at the door and stops Rishab as well. Rakhi was at once shy watching them there and gets away from Mahesh explaining their positions, however Mahesh says he was in a mood of romance. The kids only enjoy.

Mahesh kneels in front of Rakhi and expresses in front of Rakhi while Rishab makes a video of his dialogues. Rakhi says she also loves him dearly for filling her life with all this love, although his snores disturb her throughout the night, he speaks anything in front of anyone and she has to bear the consequences and he even forgot her birthday last year. Rishab says he feels proud of them, their generations must learn true love from them. Kritika was upset and wonders if her and Akshay’s married life would also be similar. Rishab pours a glass of water and thinks he also liked someone similar as his life partner.

Sherlin comes across Preeta in the corridor and asks what magic she played on Karan, he feels Prithvi isn’t right for her. She says she also doesn’t like Prithvi a lot but much

better than Preeta. He can always forgive her but she won’t forgive her for blaming her character. When she has left, Karan comes there and tries to convince Preeta that Prithvi was lying. Preeta wasn’t ready to believe, she says Prithvi even showed them the receipt. Shrishti also comes there. Karan tells them the whole story about the receipt. He says when they called Prithvi here, he took a 180 degree turn and said he bought the necklace for Preeta. Preeta defends that Prithvi must have lost it. Preeta says Prithvi showed them the receipt that he purchased it for her. He even called his mother. Karan insists that his mother wasn’t at all excited about the necklace and he didn’t let her speak and cut the call. Preeta suggests about calling Prithvi’s mother. Shrishti thinks about Prithvi smiling towards Sherlin while dancing in the party and says she trusts Karan. Preeta wasn’t ready to believe. Karan says Preeta has fears of society, people, family and what not; she isn’t ready to accept. Karan says he will prove himself this time, he has a proof this time. He stole Sherlin’s phone for a while, she called Prithvi and he is sure she had told Prithvi. Preeta says there are calls on Karan’s number from her phone as well, this means there is an affair between them? Karan says they even speak to each other in front of everyone as well, unlike Prithvi and Sherlin who never show up in front of others. This shows they are dating each other. Preeta stops Karan for doing anything, he doesn’t want Karan to get insulted in front of everyone again. Karan was sure this won’t happen again. Karan asks her to take off the necklace as Prithvi didn’t buy it for her. Preeta gives it to Shrishti to keep it in her purse.

Prithvi takes a leave from Luthra’s. Rakhi tells him to come to party for sure. Prithvi says it seems this is all about his stars which aren’t going in the right direction these days. He offers to drop Preeta and Shrishti home. Karan signals them not to go with him. Shrishti makes up that she has to take Preeta somewhere with her, thanks for the lift. Karan winks at Shrishti.

In the car, Sherlin shares with Prithvi that she was confused by Karan’s talk. Prithvi boasts being smarter than Karan. He was irritated by their spying. Sherlin asks where he got the bill at the last moment. Prithvi tells Sherlin he bribed a jeweler to give him the receipt of the necklace bought for Sherlin. Sherlin was thankful for Prithvi, he says she should be. He has taken themselves out of much tensions in the last few days. Sherlin asks him to count these problems, she would fill them in her Slam Book. Karan spots them together in the car. Prithvi was alert. Although Karan reverse his car, but there was no one in the car. He drives on. They moves up the seat relived. Karan decides to walk back. Sherlin calls Karan stupid for not being able to catch them together. Prithvi says Karan has a bad luck. Karan walks towards their car and finds them together. He thinks Prithvi and Sherlin are cheaper than he thought, and he would surely unveil their true face. He decides tomorrow would be a tough day for both of them.

While travelling in an auto, Preeta was angry with Shrishti and complains that she is only following Karan’s consent. Sarla was waiting for them since long. They return home upset and argue about some differences. Shrishti insists that she and Karan are right. Preeta says there have been times they were proven wrong already. Shrishti tells Sarla that they have problem with Prithvi. Preeta at once qualifies it’s with Prithvi’s choice, and shows Sarla the necklace he had bought for her. Sarla likes the necklace but says it must be expensive and they can’t return such expensive gifts, Preeta must return it. Preeta agrees and goes inside. Shrishti decides to take some big action with Karan this time.

Shrishti understands that they need to stop two of the weddings, Rishab and Preeta. Karan was thankful of Shrishti for always understanding him and not arguing like Preeta. She suggests Karan to check Sherlin’s phone again for some chat with Prithvi about the necklace. Sherlin had arrived in the party. Kareena gave her the responsibility to manage the party. Sherlin has an argument with the decorator and says she is the daughter in law of the family. Shrishti clarifies she isn’t yet married. Kritika comes to save the situation, then tells Sherlin that Shrishti was also right. Shrishti instead apologizes Sherlin, she hands all the flowers to Sherlin. Sherlin places her phone and purse down on a table. Karan takes a chance to grab her phone.

Kritika takes Shrishti aside and asks if she is fine?

Shrishti tells Kritika there is a reason why she was being nice to Sherlin. Akshay arrives at the party. Kritika wasn’t happy watching him there. She goes to him. Akshay hugs Kritika.

Shrishti meets Rakhi in the corridor while she was going to get the lamps. Rakhi says the lamps were used in her wedding décor and she is sensitive about them. Sameer was coming from the other side of the corridor. Rakhi sends Sameer with Shrishti towards the store room and decides to find out if there is something going on between them or not.

Akshay asks Kritika about the necklace drama, if it ended. Kritika explains it was none of Preeta’s mistake. Akshay says he has his judgment, she must reply to his questions as much as asked. Rishab and Mahesh come to meet Akshay. Akshay explains he wished to meet Kritika.

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