So Funny: See What These Kids Did When Their Mother Acted Dead

A mother of 3 took to social media to reveal what her kids did when she acted like a dead person to them.

According to her, she has three kids all between the ages of 6-13.

She had played dead the night before and upon checking and assuming she was dead, they decided to call the police but instead went out to play.

She wrote:

“I know this is weird but have y’all ever tested your kids to see what they would do in a state of emergency? My kids are 6,6,1,3 .

So i was really tired last night i laid down they was being loud then they came in my room i played dead . Held my breath. My son says “damn what the fuck she dead nuney” (i had to stop myself from laughing & knocking his other tooth out) so nuney says well yu get Levi I’ll get Kori and I’ll call the police on my phone . They check me again then leave the room.

Moments later i heard a lot of noise I’m like wtf but i ain’t get up . THESE MFAS DIDNT CALL NOBODY I HEARD ALL THEY ASS OUTSIDE ON SCOOTERS BIKES STROLLERS SKATEBOARDS THEY HAD THE WHOLE NINE OUTSIDE . I hop up look out my window they got hats coats gloves just having a good ole time . So i said “get tf in here” this mfa Khamari said “oh shit we forgot to calll the police” 🤣🚮”

So Funny: See What These Kids Did When Their Mother Acted Dead 3

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