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Ghanaian Jellof Smells Like Perfume – Nigerian Lady In Ghana



A Nigerian lady identified as Glory Osei, who is currently vacationing in neighboring West African country, Ghana, has given her opinion about the Ghanaian jollof, which according to her, smells like perfume.

She took to her Instagram profile to write about her stay in the Gold Coast and she also mentioned that the environment in Ghana is more serene than it is in most Nigerian cities. In her opinion, she believes that Nigerians are always in a hurry and one will need to wonder where other people are rushing to.

She wrote,
As a Nigerian in Nigeria you have no idea how much noise you consume until you get to a place like Accra and your ear is not about to explode because generator is a status symbol. The people here aren’t constantly in a hurry like Nigerians, I wonder where we always rushing to😔. .
Honestly Accra is perfect for a city break if you don’t want to travel far.

A one way ticket from Lagos to Accra is around N40,000-N50,000, and if you are resilient you can travel by road. .
I love this city and the people but I still won’t go anywhere near their jollof rice (I’m 100% in support of Nigerian jollof), I made an attempt few days ago but I just can’t handle perfumed rice😩. I prefer my perfume on my clothes and not in my rice😂😂. .

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