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“I Don’t Shake Homosexuals Like You” Denrele Edun Harassed By A Homophobe




Nigerian crossdresser – Denrele Edun took to his Instagram page to share his encounter with a homophobe who refused shaking hands with him for being “gay.”

He wrote,

Right after this picture was taken at the Glam Africa cocktail party in V/I, my friends and I decided to Club-trot for a crazy nite out. So we hit 3 clubs before deciding to round up our club trotting at Hard Rock Cafe. We got there, got the best seats in the zone and wham bam, I was already on the speakers dancing the nite away!
An industry (married) friend of mine who wasn’t too comfty with my crazy clique asked to leave. My usual courteous self decided to walk her to her Uber. Mistake of the century! We got outside and she sighted a familiar face. This familiar face was with five of his friends. My usual courteous self joined her, shook hands all around, cracked a couple of jokes with the guys and walked her to her car.
Heading back into the club, my usual courteous self walked up to the guys to greet them again. I noticed a new face this time and he had a girl on his lap. I hailed him first and stretched out my hand for a handshake and he retorted loudly, “I DON’T SHAKE HOMOSEXUALS LIKE YOU.” As the renowned spin doctor that I am, I laughed it off and said, “No wahala. Madam will do the greeting for all of us”.
And the girl on his lap got up, hugged me and I immediately turned to leave.
What happened next was like a scene outta an LGBTQ documentary. This guy raced up to me & held my stare at the entrance to the club screamin out expletives;
“bleeping gay! STUPID GAY ASS BASTARD. HOW DARE YOU HUG MY GIRL WITH YOUR GAY ASS HIV BODY. I’LL Bleep YOU UP IN THIS TOWN, I’LL Bleep YOU UP. THEM IDIOTS bleeping YOUR BEHIND CANT DO poo TO ME..” His girl tried to hold him back but he pushed her off with;
I stood calmly watching him, with my champagne flute in my hand whilst he was screaming in my face.
And everyone stood watching without saying a word.
His friends finally dragged him to the parking lot but he was still cursing!
Someone ran in & called all my friends.
Long story cut short, I got a cal that morning from high ranking officials with info about this guy plus his house addy in Texas.

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