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“I Wrote Over 300 Songs In Jail” – Sinzu




DMW’s recently signed act, Sinzu has revealed what jail was like; stressing he was able to write more than 300 Songs while behind bars.

In an interview with Ovie of NotjustOkTV, he revealed that his years in jail hasn’t been that much of a waste of time as he had invested every time he had in his music and writing great songs.

Opening up about his experience in jail, Sinzu stated that the experience has been quite a humbling one with him working in Jail and being paid $16 per month. But not dwelling on the financial rewards in prison, the rapper had focused on his craft, telling us that in the first year in prison, he wrote over one hundred and eighty songs and over one hundred and twenty songs in the next year, hence in the 20 months he spent in prison, he wrote over three hundred songs and has recorded about 17! (19:30-20:25).

That is a lot of songs to last a long while.

He went on to state that he can presently release about five songs if he wants but then we know with his new deal with Davido, we are definitely going to be hearing the rapper’s track sooner than we think.

He further revealed that he’s planning on working with FalztheBahdguy and can’t wait to hear what they sound like together.

Watch the video below…

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