Kemi Olunloyo Begs For Fund As She Writes 1 Year After Prison Release


A year ago today June 5th 2017, I was released from #PortHarcourt prison after detained among dangerous convicted criminals for 81days.

The IGP (Inspector General of Police and nation’s top cop) Ibrahim Idris arrested me while Federal Judge Justice Hilary Oshomah granted me N1M bail seizing my travel passport, other bail conditions included I cannot write about Pastor David Ibiyeomie or Actress Iyabo Ojo online and signed promissory notes that I won’t flee Nigeria or speak about the pastor and actress to media outlets.

I received an 8 page letter newstip by someone claiming to be a church member alleging corruption in Salvation Ministries Port Harcourt, a church I had never heard of. I posted the FIRST PAGE looking for witnesses as that is what a Journalist must do. The whole country thought I wrote and “published” it. My investigation was not about adultery but about a missing car allegedly donated to the church and allegedly given to the actress. The church member was demanding it back stating they had given this story to the media in 2014 and 2015 but they were allegedly bribed not to run it.

As an investigative Journalist, all I wanted to do was to find the truth. I contacted the actress and the pastor but no response. Instead they both signed a police affidavit that they did not know each other or exchanged gifts but did not talk to the reporter who ended up being arrested. The Nigerian government basically said I could not investigate a pastor. I was invited for questioning and was tricked then tied up in a Hilux police van and driven to Rivers State in 12 hours past 8 states. I spent 81 days in custody then released on bail June 5th 2017.

I would later be arrested again 17 days later on the 22nd of June 2017 when prosecutors said my lawyers never perfected my N200k magistrate bail. The case was moved from magistrate to Federal high court but the prison comptroller Mr Loveday Omu said the magistrate warrant was cancelled and did not exist so Kemi was released on a federal warrant, the only one the prison had.

My former lead lawyer Fatai Lawal of the Afe Babalola firm who allegedly got bribed by powerful interests in the prosecution causing my third arrest “forgot” to perfect the bail. The extent of corruption in the judiciary is amazing. After 5 female fans sent Lawal 100k, he got sureties and I was released the next day June 23rd 2017.

Lawal will later fraudulently not submit my medical excuse letter while hospitalized from blood poisoning during my prison stay. I had typhoid, sand and earthworms in my system from the prison water we drank. A bench warrant was signed and he did not tell me. Another lawyer in the team would later tell me that Lawal was romancing the prosecution and hid the bench warrant from the files.

I arrived in PH for my federal adjournment after 3 mos is sick leave which was all over the media that I was very ill, only to be arrested by Abuja Federal SARS police on the magistrate bench warrant. I fired Lawal after I gave him both letters to two judges. He basically gave one and not the other setting me up for that bench warrant. He even called the surety to withdraw so as to keep me longer in prison. After 90days, the surety Pius Norgio who was bribed with N10k came back and I was released January 9th 2018.

I released the entire 8 page newstip I received to the plaintiff who said I was set up by “the devil” aka someone in his church to destroy him. He withdrew his case January 22nd 2018 in magistrate court. I asked to do a testimony in his church and spoke about not letting the devil use you as I felt that the news tipster should not have gone silent in the inbox after I was arrested.

On April 16th 2018 the federal case was scheduled to be withdrawn and my passport returned. It was cancelled and scheduled for June 7th 2018. Since the magistrate case closed in January, we asked for an earlier say February/March court date for the federal case so I can get my passport and take international assignments as I was now broke, lost my domain, website and $5M in wages, ads, revenues and assignments according to my accountant in NYC.

That request was denied by the judge who still cancelled the April 2018 date. I was told that information came in that someone directly involved in the case wants to “confess” their role that unfairly sent a Journalist to prison. I have suffered #PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from my experience of 6 months three times and I need my passport back this Thursday June 7th so that I can go abroad to get proper medical care.

I started a global GoFundMe fundraiser for $250k NOT N100M. I am looking for $250,000 for travel, accommodation and lodging, Transportation, doctors, medical bills etc for at least 90 days. I do not have health insurance in the US but can activate SSI if approved.

GoFundMe is not available for Nigeria so I am asking Nigerians and my fans in foreign countries to please donate. I have touched a lot of investigative Journalism stories many will not do. The politicians own the media outlets in Nigeria. My work has become very dangerous. Those in Nigeria can donate to

First Bank of Nigeria 3020832750 Olukemi Olunloyo.



I will NOT be attending the hearing in PH because of a flight or fight reaction of my PTSD symptoms. I want nothing to do with Rivers State for the rest of my life. I am not safe in Rivers after being told by a former minister that they were “planning to eliminate you” in his own words.

I am mentally damaged. The executed dead bodies, the male rapes on the men’s side, the death of Becky bleeding at 9 mos pregnant HIV positive and no help at 5am as she went into labour.

The starving and dying IPOB boys, no ventilation, mosquitoes, bare foot fungal infections, toilet infections, fights and injuries, beating new inmates as a parading ritual, forced to bribe wardresses and warders, the sardine cutter weapons, the stealing of prison supplies from the churches by the staff. I can go on. Pls donate anything if you are abroad.

Someone donated $30 already. My phone SIM is now with my assistant and I will not be able to speak to anyone at this time. You can inbox me on email only and I will try and answer some messages. I will be checking WhatsApp on WiFi.

Please absolutely NO SYMPATHY NOTES. I don’t need it. I just need money for medical care to rehabilitate myself. A Nigerian psychiatrist said it may take me FIVE years to recover. 19 countries gave me political asylum but I want my passport. I am Nigerian. We own this country together. I refuse to be a refugee again after political gun violence forced me to Canada.

Thank you.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
Founder @HNNAfrica.


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