“I Knew Burna Boy Was Going To Be Rich” – Burna Boy’s Mother

“I Knew Burna Boy Was Going To Be Rich” – Burna Boy’s Mother

Burna Boy’s mother, Bose Ogulu, has revealed that she had always known that her song – Burna would become a music superstar and a wealth personality.

In a Burna Boy video documentary that stormed the internet not too long ago Burna Boy’s mum, revealed while the singer was in secondary school, he had a music band that performed at school functions. And that there was a particular day after a performance by Burna and his band, the school’s music director walked up to her to reveal that her son will become a superstar in future and a rich man.

She said; “…and then his school set up a music band and they performed at school functions and erm…one of the directors of the school called me towards the end of his secondary school and was like, Mrs Ogulu, your son is going to be a superstar, i was like what…really? He said mark my words he’s going to be very big, very rich, get ready for fame and fortune.”

Mrs Ogulu happens to be Burna’s mother and doubles as the singer’s manager both on the local scene and on the international scene.

Burna Boy is currently on a world tour where he is being shown awesome love and massive positive reception.

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