Linda Osifo Celebrates 6th Year She Left Canada For Nigeria

Linda Osifo Celebrates 6th Year Of Leaving Canada For Nigeria

Nollywood actress and event host, Linda Osifo has taken to Instagram to celebrate her 6th year of leaving Canada to pursue an acting career in Nigeria.

The actress revealed that she lived in Canada for 15 years before relocating to Nigeria. Also advising those scared to take the first step, Linda stated that ‘age, money, education, connections or whatsoever should never be an obstacle to one’s dream’.

She wrote;

6 Years & countin…and I ask you, “What exactly is it that you’re afraid of?” Age, money, education, connections, or whatsoever should NEVER be an OBSTACLE to why you did not pursue your dreams in this one life that you have! To the ones who are still unsure of how to start, I say ‘Just start anywhere.

The rest will work out for good just for you.’ I celebrate my 6 year anniversary today of taking a drastic step to relocating to Nigeria to pursue my acting career after 15 yrs of living in Canada. This message is for those few people out there who need to hear this. Your time is now!! Make you no dey look anybody race because you get your own to run! With God all things, are beyond possible!? -LAO


Linda Osifo Celebrates 6th Year She Left Canada For Nigeria

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