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Mark Zuckerberg Loses $3.3 Billion After Changing Facebook News Feed



According to latest reports, the founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg, has gone short of a whopping $3.3 billion after Facebook changed News Feed.

On Friday, Mark Zuckerberg’s shares fell 4.5%, this sum simply causing him to lose about $3.3 billion of its fortune.

There are new changes planned by the founder of Facebook for the leading social platform.

Basically, the social network, in the News Feed, mainly the publications of friends and family, hence, passing to the background the content of pages, condemning brands, companies, products, and this will result in less views and less reach.

This will be a change that appeals to many, but certainly displeased many others, and this displeasure became evident shortly after the announcement of the changes.

Before Facebook shares fell by 4.5%, which represented a loss of $3.3 billion for the founder, Mark’s was the fourth richest man in the world.

This made Mark’s net worth drop to $74 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, losing the 4th place to Amancio Ortega, a business tycoon.

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