Offset Says He’s Missing Cardi B’s “Birkin P***y”

Offset Says He's Missing Cardi B's "Birkin P***y"

It seems Offset can’t get over Cardi’s private part… The rapper took to his Instagram page to say he is missing Birkin p*ssy.

A few weeks ago, Cardi revealed that she would be filing for divorce from her husband but just days later, they were spotted on a jet ski together in Puerto Rico. A few frisky meet-ups later and it feels like the two are inseparable despite not even being seen together for a while.

We know that Offset and Cardi spent the holidays together but there have been few updates since then, unless we count Cardi practically begging for sex on her live streams.

The Migos rapper can be included in that conversation because, in his latest social upload, he tells the world that he’s “missing Birkin pussy.”

Off course, many believe that he’s implying that he wants to hook up with Cardi B once more. Perhaps he’s actually trolling us all and speaking about Summer Bunni but it feels like that ship has sailed.

From the “Softset” comments to the fangirls just begging him to run back to his estranged wife, there is generally a mixed reaction in the comment section.

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