Poem: “When The Demons Came” by Irvine Sabano

Poem: "When The Demons Came" by Irvine Sabano

Poem: "When The Demons Came" by Irvine Sabano

“When The Demons Came” is a poem by a Zimbabwean – Irvine Sabano.

It vividly explains the situations and experinces a lot of people came across during this Covid-19 period, especially when the world almost entirely got into lockdown.

A lot of things happened, violence spiked, the morals fibers were gently unweaved as the circumstances demanded more.

Everyone was in a race to survive this period where poverty, diseases, crime, hunger, starvation and joblessness were the aspects that explained the situation in most of the countries for the past nine months.


They inflicted the earth.
They marked the souls vulnerable to their compulsion.
They posessed, as they invaded them.
Spitting their insidious vernom unto us.

We coughed.
We cooled our burning organs.
We oozed with perspiration.

Our heads danced in pain.
Our air pipes blocked.
We were deprived of air.
We suffocated.

We died.
We panicked.
But we located the demons.

We stayed indoors.
We sanitized.
We masked.
We distanced ourselves.
We condemned romance.

We locked them out.
Still, they came.
We prayed.
We exorcised.
We fasted.

We read books,
More books, we meditated.
We wrote stories
More stories.

The demons consumed even the wise.
Children were raped.
Jobs were lost.
Like thunder,
Hunger struck.
When the demons came.
Families were separated,
And love was lost
We begged,
Were refused.
Were caught.

We cherished those who upheld the nature of morality.
We cursed those who couldn’t.
We extended our hand.
We punished them.
They dapted to a new life
We practiced evil,
We embraced love.

We murdered.
Justice was passed.
We embraced .
All to survive.

We laughed,
To forget.
To heal.
We further salted away,
The pathetic remnants of the demons.

We still are fighting
To repair.
To heal.
So the earth too may heal.
And we live on…

About the Author

Irvine Sabano is a Zimbabwean based author, poet and screenwriter.

He is a master story teller filled with poignancy and he creates a warmth of understanding to his readers.

For more info contact him on +263 735 359 203

Or his social media pages
Facebook: SabanoTheWriter, Irvine Sabano
Twitter @mussovinni
Instagram: irvinesabano
LinkedIn: Irvine Sabano

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