Popular DJ Arafat Is Dead

Popular DJ Arafat Is Dead

33-year-old Ivorian disc jockey and singer, Arafat has died after being involved in a ghastly motorcycle accident. 

DJ Arafat was a victim of a motorcycle accident on the night of Sunday 11 to Monday 12 August in Abidjan, the Ivorian artist Ange Didier Huon – alias DJ Arafat – died from his injuries in a clinic in Abidjan, according to several Ivorian official sources, including Maurice Bandaman, the Ivorian Minister of Culture.

The star of the “coupé-décalé” died on Monday, August 12 at the Polyclinique des Deux Plateaux in Abidjan. The artist died as a result of his injuries after a serious road accident that occurred during the night from Sunday to Monday.

His motorcycle crashed into a car driven by a Radio Côte d’Ivoire journalist.

The singer, unconscious, was quickly taken into care and admitted to intensive care. Unfortunately, he did not survive.

“He was admitted to the emergency room in a vegetative state. He had a skull fracture and oedema,” a doctor from the institution told Jeune Afrique, on condition of anonymity. The medical teams tried to revive him, “in vain”.

Popular DJ Arafat Is Dead
DJ Arafat in motorcycle accident.

Davido made this clear after sharing Dj Arafat picture on his twitter page with the caption “RIP YOROBO, I LOVE YOU”

Popular DJ Arafat Is Dead Popular DJ Arafat Is Dead 5 Popular DJ Arafat Is Dead 6

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