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Pretty First Class Graduate Who Sells Charcoal To Make Ends Meet In Ebonyi – (SEE Photos)



Ebonyi State University graduate, Ogechuckwu Kate, has wowed numerous via web-based networking media after she trod the way most women of her gauge won’t.

The excellent woman is a particular graduate from the Department of History and International relations in Ebonyi State University.

Oge, dissimilar to her associates, hasn’t sat around and look out for some business to bring her an occupation yet has been enterprising and make a vocation for herself.

A vocation which is very uncommon and interesting, which is the reason she’s actually turning into a web sensation.

Oge is into Charcoal business and obscure to many, charcoal assumes an extremely fundamental part in our day by day exercises, specifically or by implication.

She insights us on this as she took to her Facebook to share,

“Hello. For the individuals who disclosed to me they need to wander into charcoal business… Oya Are you arranged?

“It is safe to say that you are prepared to resemble this (exceptionally filthy) amid business hours? It is safe to say that you are prepared for the clean?

“I mean breathing in it (you can utilize confront cover in the event that you feel good in it) ? It is safe to say that you are prepared for the pressure?

“Are you prepared for the cash ? This isn’t a business for kill moms and fathers oooo. It’s for the decided and genuine disapproved of individuals.

“All things considered, on the off chance that you are prepared then I have uplifting news for you… Do not stress over skin harm cos switch is the situation with regards to charcoal.

“Charcoal has various skin and medical advantages, for example, pimple battling, profound purging, cleans appearance, adjusts slick skin, it tenderly sheds, and so on.

“You can read it up on Google for more research.

“Haven’t you asked why I look so messy and dark amid business hours and exceptionally delightful after shower?

She proceeded,

I’m not saying its the best business on the planet, no, it’s so distressing and ejighi afufu anya isi by any means, however as opposed to remaining inactive and pointing the finger at everything on the administration why not attempt this business out ? Obviously I will change my mom’s line of business for her when the time comes however until further notice, man must eat. Another magnificent news is this… You can begin it with a little money and trust me you’ll certainly develop, you don’t have to remain sit sitting tight for God to send you way from above. God enables the individuals who to help themselves. #CARE

More of Oge’s photographs beneath:


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