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Reasons Why Abuja Is Better Than Lagos



The capital of Nigeria – Abuja and Lagos State (former capital of Nigeria) are arguably the most beautiful and preferred states to live in once you’re in Nigeria.

But even as that, with a few points, you’ll understand why Abuja is cooler to live in than Lagos.

1) Traffic:
This is arguably the most annoying fact about our dear city – Lagos. In Lagos, one can wake up early as 4am in order reach an office where work starts by 8am on time or simply to escape being caught up in traffic.
In Abuja, there are so many easy alternative routes to almost every place due to the very developed road network.

2) Cleanliness:
Lagos State was recently ranked as one of the dirtiest cities in the world because of how dirty most parts in the state are.
Abuja on the average is cleaner and neater than Lagos – which is a city with many industries, markets like the popular Alaba market.

3) Transportation:
Transportation in Abuja is far cheaper than that of Lagos.
For example, the transport fare in Lagos from a place like Ojota to Mile 2, one will spend abkut #300, while in Abuja, #300 can take you from Karu to almost anywhere else in the city, even with a drop.

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4) Road Network:
The road network in Abuja is far more developed and efficient than that of Lagos because Abuja is a better planned and constructed city. No much difficulty in locating places and adresses. 
So many alternative routes for movement.

5) Crime Rate:
The rate of criminal activities which go on in Lagos State is very alarming and can be argued to be on of the cities with highest crime rate in the world.

Lagos is where you see most 419ers, Human ritualists, Street hooligans and thugs, Yahoo Yahoo boys, and all manners of negative vices of the society.
The criminality rate in Abuja is far lower compared to Lagos.

6) Stressful Living:
In Lagos, one can reach his house by 11:30 p.m because of traffic and still have to wake up as early as 3:00 a.m just to hurry up to leave his house by 4:00 a.m in order to escape traffic. 

Such a person is very much prone to great stress and probably sickness, but such is not the case in Abuja because of the lower population, better traffic conduction and a more developed road network.

7) Pollution:
The pollution of the atmosphere in Lagos is extremely high compared to Abuja.
So many industries and factories in Lagos which empty their toxic wastes into the atmosphere and surroundings which are very unhygienic. This means that people in Abuja breathe in purer and less toxic air than people in Lagos.

8) Cheapness Of Foodstuffs:
Foodstuffs on the average are cheaper in Abuja than in Lagos due to the location of Abuja in the middlebelt and north of the country where farming is mostly done, hence nearness of the farm products to markets.

9) Serenity:
Abuja is more serene, quiet and calm than Lagos which is always busy and noise from cars only can give you headache. One may almost not be able to get a good sleep, rest and calmness of mind in many parts of Lagos.

10) Civilized & Cultured People:
People in Abuja on the average behave more cultured, civil, polite and enlightened more than people in Lagos.
Lagos is a place where you see many uncivilized people who are drug addicts and touts.
Abuja is definitely a better place to raise up children and a family.

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