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See Rihanna’s Response To Fan Who Commented On Her “Stretch Marks”





International singer, Rihanna’s response to a female fan who commented on her “stretch marks” is simply amazing as she has left fans awed at her honesty and confidence.

The famous singer was spotted flaunting her backside in an Instagram post which has set the internet on buzz.

Rihanna got a comment from a fan who noticed something like stretch marks on the said photo, saying “I see the tiger stripes rih”


See Rihanna’s Response To Fan Who Commented On Her “Stretch Marks" 3

Unlike most celebrities, Rihanna confidently pointed that though what was evident in the photo is the reflection of the rays of sun on the tiger striped bikini, she sure has stretch marks in other hidden areas of her body.

Fans have taken turns to comment on her level of confidence amidst critics and internet body shames.

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