Sowore Challenges President Buhari To Debate

Sowore Challenges President Buhari To Debate
Presidential aspirant, Omoyele Sowore, has announced his wish to have a debate with President Buhari and other presidential aspirants.

Speaking on Channels Television, Sowore said that aspirants should be bold enough to participate in debates about policies and projects they will execute if they become president. He added that young and new presidential aspirants should also be given the audience and the opportunity to challenge older aspirants through debate.

If want you to be more serious, you should be bringing these presidential candidates to debate us. Buhari should be brought out. The media should force them out of their hiding. Let them come and debate the future of Nigeria,” he said.

He argued that contrary to claims, young people have come up with alternatives to the current leaders. “These alternatives will kick out the old guards in 2019. The alternative is here, that is what we should be debating. We should be talking about the fresh ideas that we are bringing on the table. In Nigeria, when we have people like us who have capacity, character, and integrity. We’ve got stamina, intellect, history, and pedigree. Young people are here to take their country to the next level of prosperity. We want to say goodbye to poverty, incompetence and lacklustre kind of leadership.’’ 

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