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The Sphere: See Inside Of Amazon’s ₦440billion Mini-Rainforest Office In Seattle (Photos)



After seven years of planning and construction, Amazon finally cut the ribbon on the Spheres, which are designed to not only give employees an opportunity to relax (briefly) on the job but also reinforce the company’s image as an innovative, think-outside-the-box corporation.

Jeff Bezos unveils the firm’s new ‘mini-rainforest’ campus in Seattle where employees will be surrounded by waterfalls and 40,000 plants.

Amazon has finally opened the doors on its new ‘rainforest’ campus in Seattle that is, with a little help from Alexa.

At an unveiling event, CEO Jeff Bezos took to the podium to introduce the firm’s new office space, confined within three massive plant-lined glass domes dubbed The Spheres.

The inside of the spheres will even feel like a rainforest.

The climate will be controlled.

The air temperature will be held at a constant 72 degrees while the humidity will be 60 percent.

In some locations, the climate will vary, with temperatures that either rise or drop by as much as five degrees.

There is even a ventilation system that simulates an outdoor breeze.

Ventilation ducts pump in fresh air for the benefit of a five-story wall of plants.

At the highest point of the spheres, workers and visitors can lounge in a hangout spot.

There is also a meeting place for employees known as ‘the bird’s nest,’ which looks more like a wooden treehouse suspended 30 feet in the air.

People tour the new Amazon Spheres. The Spheres, made up of 2,643 glass panels, house over 40,000 plants from 400 species. REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson

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