Student Expelled For Sleeping With His Vice Principal’s Wife

A Kenyan student from boys school in Kisumu was expelled from the school on Monday, over claims that he slept with the deputy head teacher’s wife.

The form four student narrated to his classmates how he slept with the deputy’s wife in the teacher’s quarters on Saturday night.

Accordingto a cclose source, the boy showed the texts that the teacher’s wife sends him exciting other students in the process.

“The teacher’s wife sends him texts. He showed all of them to the other students. One student reported the matter to the deputy head teacher,” said the source.

According to the other students, the boy sneaks out sometimes to spend a night in the teacher’s quarter while the deputy principal is away.

The incident led to a feud between the deputy head teacher and his wife who also disowned the reports.

The teacher threatened to quit the school if the administration was not going to expel the boy from the institution, claiming that he had damaged her good reputation.

This writer established that there was a rift between the teachers as a section of them claimed that the incident was not sufficient to expel the student.

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