Twist Of Faith: Sunday and Monday | 17th and 18th March 2019

Twist Of Faith: Sunday and Monday | 17th and 18th March 2019

Twist Of Faith Sunday and Monday 17th and 18th March 2019

Purab and Tanu talk to Sushant. Sushant says I am fan of Abhishek Mehra, but the case is in senior inspector’s hands. Tanu asks how much he needs? Purab says sorry and takes Tanu out. He asks if she is drunk? Tanu says she is not drunk. Purab says I will get abhi back. Tanu asks him to handle and take him out. She thinks I gave idea to Purab and asks her to smile and not to take tension. She collides with Constable and argues with her. Lady constable insults her. Tanu gets angry and asks herself to smile.

Abhi looks at Pragya and is about to come inside. Pragya asks Inspector not to file case against her husband and says his career will be ruined. She tells that they are married since 7 years and knows him well. She tells that she is not taking his side as she is his wife, but because. Abhi is shocked and stops there itself. A fb is shown, Abhi fills her maang with sindoor and asks if they separate then? Pragya asks him not to say this again and says he is the reason for her living, and says you are my present, past and future. Abhi says sorry. Pragya says even God can’t write anyone’s name in my destiny. Fb ends.

Abhi says marriage. Tanu comes and asks Abhi to come. Sushant tells Purab that he is leaving Abhi on his guarantee. Tanu asks Purab to bring Abhi out and says she will call home. Sushant gets a call and says media came. Purab says what. Senior Inspector asks Pragya to do the formalities and take King home. Pragya thanks him. Abhi thinks and a fb is shown, Pragya telling that he is her past, present and future always. He recalls seeing Pragya asking Inspector not to file against her husband. He recalls throwing her out of his life. Abhi and Purab, and Pragya and King are walking out. King informs Pragya that he is the singer because of whom all the problem started. Pragya looks at him.
King pointing towards Abhi and tells Pragya that he is the one who is troubling me. Pragya asks who? King says he left. Abhi comes out of Police station and is still shocked, thinks of Pragya’s words. He recalls their romantic moments. Layi bhi na gayi song plays… fb scene.Pragya tells that our togetherness is written by destiny. ….Abhi asks Purab to stop the car and gets down from the car. He tells him that he has to talk to him and don’t know what is happening. Purab asks what he is talking about? Abhi goes. Tanu comes out and asks what happened? She says we shall go and her heels get broken. She asks Purab to help her. Purab says I have to go to abhi else he will land in problem.

Pragya scolds King for fighting with him and says if you do the same then what
is the difference between you both. She says road side fight doesn’t suit you. King asks her to try and understand. Pragya says you have some responsibilities towards your fans and asks him to change himself. She says you gets upset and drink wine. She says I had to lie for you, and says I am your manager and I handle your work and can’t handle you. She says I won’t be quiet everytime and asks him to accept his mistake. King says I don’t need to hear your lecture. Pragya asks him to change for his career if not for Kiara. Pragya says fans are also yours and asks him to handle his life. King says career and fans both are mine. He says he will handle his life. Pragya says your life is not of 4 mins like your songs and asks him to change for himself. She says then I can’t lie for you and says sorry. King gets upset and goes.

Pragya stands on road. Abhi reaches Police station and asks Constable about Pragya. Constable says may be she is talking to inspector. Inspector tells that she left. Constable says I saw her behind police station. Tarun brings car and asks about King. Pragya says he took taxi and left. She sits in car. Abhi comes there and sees her going in car. He tries to stop the car and shouts Pragya. He cries and shouts Pragya aloud on middle of road. Pragya reaches hotel and sees King going to his room. Tarun asks him to open the door. Pragya says leave him alone for now. King says I don’t want to talk to you. Pragya thanks Tarun for being with him. Tarun says he is my idol and brother and thanks Pragya. King drinks in his room and thinks about Abhi’s words. He gets angry and asks why he is interfering in my life and entering my brain.

Pragya comes to room and says good night to Kiara. Kiara says how can night be good without you and calls her Janu. Pragya recalls Abhi saying the same thing. Abhi is in his room and cries thinking about Pragya. Purab and Disha knock on the door. Purab tells her that Abhi was crying on road. Abhi opens the door and says I need to sleep. Disha says what happened in the Police station. Purab says he has a meeting tomorrow, we shall not disturb him. Abhi is sad in his room and looks at cookie toy.

He says Purab tells that I have changed and became big businessman, but you are real business woman. He asks why did you do this and says I was yearning for you every moment and you did this. He says you forgot me, your teddy bear. He says you fought with goons for me, jumped in fire, saved me from bomb and court case, and even drank the snake poison as you used to love me. He says then why did you betray me? He says I was angry and that’s why left you, but why did you leave me? He says I was never broken, but you broke me today. He says you are responsible for my loneliness and says if you don’t care for me then I will also not care for you. He says to tell you the truth, you did right and found new happiness, as I snatched your happiness. He says well done fuggi and asks her to tell one thing. He says if you was in Delhi, you would have come to meet me and to tell that you are happy.

He says I didn’t know where was you, but you know my home. He says you would have scolded me and made me realize my mistake. He says I wait for you in that house for 5 months and thought you forgot the way. He says today when I saw you, I felt peace which I never got which was lost. He says I felt that I will live, but you brought poison for me, you became of someone else and says I wish your marriage was a compromise like my marriage. He says you made kumkum mixed in the ashes and says I hate you fuggi, chasmish and says I hate you. Abhi telling that he hate fuggi. He says you made kumkum mixed in ashes. He says I hate you and throws cookie. Pragya talks to Kiara’s rocky and says I know you hate me, and says she is missing him, wants her to wipe her tears and hug him once. Abhi picks cookie toy and hugs her, says I am sorry fuggi…He cries. Pragya also hugs rocky toy and cries. Song plays….main phir bhi tumko chahunga….

Next morning, Pragya wakes up and reads Kiara’s note, in which she writes that it is good that you hugged rocky, that doll chor must be hugging Cookie and slept. She reads that Kiara went to King. She comes to King and says Kiara said that she is with you. King is on call and tells Pragya that she went downstairs. Pragya asks if Chachi went with her? King tells that she went
alone with his permission. He is on call and asks the person to send the papers. Pragya says so many strangers come here and gets tensed. King ends the call and says she is a smart girl, nothing will happen to her. Pragya goes. King thinks Pragya is scolding him much since they came here, and his mind is not working since he met that egoistic.

Abhi comes to the same hotel where King, Kiara and Pragya are staying. He sits in lobby. Aaliya asks Purab if Abhi is upset with her still. She says he didn’t reply to my hi. Purab says matter is something important. He says Abhi don’t share important things so soon.

He tells Abhi that she will be back. Purab asks Abhi what is the matter, and says you are worried since night. Abhi recalls Pragya saying she is king’s wife and asks Purab not to ask. Kiara comes to the hotel staff and says she wants to participate in activities. Woman staffer tells about games enrollment and asks her to call her parents. Kiara says ok and comes to reception. She asks the woman to call her parents. She calls King and asks him to come and says she wants to do skating. King says no and tells that your mum is upset and asks her to come. He says your mum scolded me and asks her to return. Kiara says ok. She sees Abhi sitting there. Aaliya comes and says hall must be empty by now. Purab says we will go and check. Kiara comes to Abhi and says you have stolen my doll. Abhi says yes, your doll is with me. Kiara says doll name is cookie. Abhi says I liked it. Kiara says you don’t want to return my doll and asks him to return cookie. Abhi says I like it and want to keep it with me for one more day. I will bring it next time when I come. Kiara says you have to do a favour on me and have to become my Papa for a day. Abhi gets emotional and says Papa. Kiara says I need my Papa’s sign to do activities and asks him to sign. Abhi says ok and says I have a condition, and asks her to call him Papa. Kiara calls him pops. Abhi says pops. Kiara says you don’t like it and calls him Papa. Abhi gets emotional and hugs her.

Kiara kisses on his forehead. Abhi looks at her. Kiara says if Mamma comes to know that I made fake Dada then she will scold me. She kisses on his forehead again and asks him not to tell. Abhi says ok, now I am your papa. Kiara says I am your daughter. They go to fill the form. Chachi meets Pragya and says breakfast is good today. Pragya says she don’t know where is Kiara. They search her. Abhi signs the form. Kiara says can I do skating now? Abhi asks her to play some other game and says bone will break while doing skating. Activities zone staffer says you are a caring father? Kiara says he is new and then says they are new in the hotel. Tarun comes and asks Chachi to search his phone as king needs a number. Pragya asks Chachi to go with Tarun. She asks receptionist. Receptionist tells her that she saw her going towards activities section. Pragya thanks her. Kiara says I shall go and says I am champ and my friends tell that when I do skating, I fly. Abhi asks really? Kiara says haan ji. He recalls Pragya saying the same thing. Aaliya calls Abhi. Kiara says if it is new? Abhi says yes and tells that his phone fell down in water yesterday. Kiara says she called him yesterday. Abhi asks who picked it. Kiara asks him to pick it.

Abhi picks the call. Aaliya asks him to come to 10th floor in business hall. Abhi asks staff member to take care of Kiara and gives safety measures. Kiara asks Abhi to bring her cookie next time. Pragya comes there calling Kiara and sees Abhi’s back. She asks Kiara where did she go? Kiara says she went to see activities. Pragya gets a call. Kiara thinks Dada can save her now and tells receptionist to tell her. staff member tells Pragya that she is scared of her, but frank with her papa, and says he came and signed on activity papers. Pragya says her papa is in room and asks her to show form. She is about to see form, but just then she sees old woman falling and helps her get up. Old woman blesses Pragya to get person she loves. Kiara comes to Abhi. He asks if she is in problem? Kiara says yes. Abhi says your mum asked you not to kiss stranger. Kiara says you are my half friend and says if you return my doll then it will be 100 percent. She tells that her mum punishes her and makes her scared. Abhi says I will talk to your mummy and handle her. He gets a call and says I am going upstairs now.

Pragya comes there and sees Abhi with Kiara, but don’t see his face.


Pragya seeing Kiara going with Abhi in the lift, but don’t see his face. Abhi tells Kiara that he is not a doll chor, but a rockstar. Kiara laughs and asks who are your fans and what are your hit songs. Abhi sings. Kiara says it can be made by anyone. She says my favourite poem is baba black sheep and sings it. She tells that she can sing rock song. She asks him to hear other version. Just then lift gets off and stops at 6th floor. Abhi holds Kiara hands. Kiara asks if he is scared of darkness. Pragya sees lift stuck and complains to receptionist and asks her to do something. Receptionist calls someone. Abhi knocks on the lift and asks for help. Kiara asks him not to worry and says nothing will happen. She asks him to look at her and think good. She takes out mobile from his
phone and switches on torch. Maintenance guy comes there and tells that he can’t repair the lift and don’t have tools. He says he will send someone.

Pragya calls Tarun. Kiara tells Abhi that she forgot to give phone to Chachu, and picks the call. Pragya asks her not to get afraid and close her eyes. Kiara asks her to relax and says she is not scared. She asks Pragya to make the person understand who is with her. Pragya says I don’t want to talk to him. Kiara says I am not scared, but you are scared. Pragya says ok. Kiara gives call to Abhi, but he tells that he don’t want to talk. Pragya hears his voice and asks Kiara to give him the call. Kiara says she is my mummy and asks him to talk to her. Abhi takes phone and says hello…Pragya gets emotional hearing him. Abhi asks if she is really her mum. Allah Wariyan plays……..Kiara says she don’t make one stranger talk to another. Abhi says network issues and ends the call.

Pragya thinks if Abhi is here and then thinks he can’t be here. Kiara and Abhi talk about lifts in their nations. Just then light comes back. Abhi says thank god light is back. Kiara asks him to give his phone and says she wants to talk to Mamma. Abhi says when your phone have no network, then how can network be in my phone. He says you have to be smart. Kiara says she is more smart than him and tells that she has switched on the torch light. Abhi gives his phone.

Kiara says she will open the phone, and types password. Abhi is shocked. Kiara tells that as he is unique, she typed his favorite song happy as password. Abhi says you are crazy. Kiara says she is intelligent. He asks if she can read heart. She says yes. Abhi tells Kiara that their family members might be trying to get the lift repaired. Kiara tells him that her mum is afraid of cockroach and jumps on bed. Abhi reminisces Pragya. Kiara praises her Dada and tells that he don’t get afraid of anything. Abhi says your Dada is lucky and asks can I steal you? Kiara says no and tells that she can’t live without her mum. She asks him to steal both of them and calls him Papa. She says she don’t mind if he steals them and calls him fake Papa. Abhi says I will steal only you as I am fake Papa. Pragya goes to main switch box and switches off and switches on the lift, although maintenance guy tries to stop her. Abhi tells Kiara that lift started. They come out of lift. Pragya runs to come there. Abhi calls Purab and asks him to come. Kiara asks about his name…Abhi says Abhi..then says Abhishek Prem Mehra. She says your name Abhi is small. Abhi says you have already given me many names Mr. balloon blaster, doll chor etc. Pragya comes there running. Pragya coming near the lift. Abhi leaves before she could see him. She scolds Kiara. Kiara asks her to see doll chor and says he was first ok, now lovely. Pragya asks about his name. Kiara says Abh..she tells that she is confused as he told her many names. Pragya asks if she took his sign for the activities. Kiara says no and tells that the lady is lying to her. She says don’t scold me infront of her, else she will know you scold me. Pragya says all Delhi shall know. Tanu talks to her friend and comes to hotel Aqua where Abhi came for the meeting and says if she had told her before then she would have come with Abhi. She tells that she is going to contest for Mrs. India contest. Her friend tells that she knows that she will become something big and asks her to come. Abhi comes
to Purab and tells that lift was stuck. Purab asks him not to lie and tells that I know you would have been crying by now, due to darkness. Abhi says yes, but she was with me.

Purab asks who is she? Something serious? Abhi says she is 7 year old girl. Purab says if she is the same girl, you told me that if you had a daughter then she would have been of same age. Abhi says yes and tells that she is very smart and unlocked my mobile. Purab says you would have told her. Abhi says no and tells that she has cared for him like Dadi when he was in lift and scared. He says she is aflatoon. He says if I had a daughter then would be like her. Aaliya comes and calls them. Abhi tells Purab that if he plans to make children song, then he will make her write lyrics and sing song. Purab says if I had my niece, she would have been like her. Abhi says if daughter is like this, then how mother would be.

Pragya talks to Chachi and says she is found.. She asks Kiara to commit and asks her not to go anywhere without telling her. Kiara says she is hungry. Pragya says we will have your favorite palak paneer. Kiara says it is not my favorite. Pragya asks her to make it as her favorite. Kiara says she wants to drink milk shake. Pragya says there is no milk shake outlet here. Kiara says she will call doll chor and asks him to bring milk shake. Pragya asks how you will call. Kiara says she is smart and will find his number. Pragya says she wants to meet him and thank him for taking care of her kishmish. Kiara says even he wants to meet you.

Abhi tells that they need to hear terms and conditions. Purab asks him to tell. Client tells that they will be two performers in Advertisement. Aaliya says you didn’t tell me about him before. Abhi asks who is he? King comes there. Client says he wants to see their reaction. Abhi says he is cancelling his world album, and you want me to share my screen space. He asks who is he? King says how did you become a star, you don’t have talent or manners. Abhi says I have it, but not for you. King says I remember your cheap thing and fraud. Abhi says I told that it would not have happen. King asks Client Mr. Rajeev to be careful. Abhi asks him if he accuse him wrongly then he will forget Athithi Deva Bhavo. King asks didn’t you give money to people to cheer for you, and asks him to learn to value artiste. Abhi says I have hatred for you and asks him not to come infront of him again. King says next time will be pay back time. Abhi says I will teach you a lesson. He tells Mr. Rajeev that this Ad is off. King says me too, I don’t want to work with him.

Pragya and Kiara come to the hotel restaurant. Pragya says you have to eat sandwich. Tanu and her friend come to the same restaurant. Her friend tells that she is pregnant. Tanu says it is a shocking news and asks her to get abortion and live her life. Chachi comes there and talks to Kiara. Kiara says she can take care of herself. Pragya orders milk shake etc. Tanu comes near here and orders coffee. She collides with Waiter and coffee falls on her. Tanu gets angry on him and tells her friend that she will meet her some other day. Chachi calls Pragya and asks her to bring ice. Pragya brings milk shake with ice, and her coffee, but coffee falls down. She tells chachi that she will wash her dress. Kiara goes with Chachi.

Abhi tells Aaliya that King blamed him because of her and has been insulting him repeatedly. Abhi says whatever happened in the conference was your doing, and asks her why didn’t you ask him before. He cancels the Adv. Aaliya says deal is signed. Abhi asks her to tear it. He says he will not work with him in world album also. King comes and asks him to stick to his words and have some self respect. Aaliya asks Purab to come with her and talk to organizer. Purab says you should have listened to me. Aaliya asks him to go in his car. Pragya comes to the washroom. Tanu comes out of bathroom and sees Pragya cleaning her dress. She gets shocked.
Tanu seeing Pragya in the washroom of the Restaurant. She gets shocked and hides in the bathroom. She recalls Suwarni dadi’s words and Abhi telling that he can do anything. She thinks if she was Pragya or my illusion. She follows her and says this is Pragya in reality. She sees Abhi coming from other side and thinks I have spend 7 years with Abhi, and won’t let them meet even if they want. She stops Abhi from going towards Pragya. Abhi says I am going to drink water. Tanu stops him and asks why he is looking shocked? Abhi says you are looking shocked. Tanu gives him water and asks don’t you ask me where did I go? abhi says we stay together, but we are not concerned. He goes. Pragya also goes. Tanu tries to inquire about her.

Disha tells Sunny to go to school. Abhi
comes and asks what happened? Disha says he is not going to school. Abhi says you are Sunny…and asks him what happened? Sunny tells that the girl teases him a lot. Abhi asks Disha to give water and sends her. He gives ideas to Sunny to tease her. Disha brings water. Sunny agrees to go to School. Disha gets surprised and says you have splashed raita. Abhi says Sunny will do everything now. Sunny imagines to put water on Kiara and making her say sorry. He then thinks of making her fall down, and then opening her hairs style. He thinks to teach her a lesson. Tanu comes home and thinks this can’t happen, how she can return. He thinks who will give job to behenji and thinks if she is employee there. She thinks someone might know her and I have to find out. Sunny thinks of spraying in Kiara’s eyes and packs it. He thinks he will know soon that I am Abhi’s nephew. Tanu comes to Suwarni dadi. Dadi asks did you see Pragya? She asks her to search a room in Dharmshala and tells that Pragya is back and will kick you out.


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