Twist of Fate: Monday & Tuesday — 25th & 26th March, 2019

Twist of Faith Monday & Tuesday 25th & 26th March, 2019

Twist of Fate Monday & Tuesday 25th & 26th March, 2019


King warning Abhi not to involve his wife. Abhi says you did a mistake by involving Pragya. King says may be you are still drunk. Abhi leaves. Mr. Wick says what has happened that Abhi wants to risk his career. He says if this world album don’t have then everything will be finished, his career and our album. King assures him that he will do the world album alone, and tells Mr. wick that it was his own mistake to hire a crazy man. Mr. Wick asks his assistant to call Purab.


Disha asks Purab, why didn’t you tell me before that Aaliya…Purab says I want to hide this fact from you as you are only important for me, but I thought I shall tell you. Disha says there is a difference? Purab gets Wick’s call and is shocked.


King asks Abhi to drink cold water and accept

that he is afraid of him and that’s why want to leave the world album. He asks him not to take his wife’s name and says think that you never met her. Abhi says I wish I couldn’t have met you. King says my wife is honest, straight forward and may be she told something to you. He asks him to accept the truth. Abhi says he has problem with her wrong doing. King thinks if he is mad and thinks he is saying as if he knows her since years. Pragya thinks about Abhi and his words. King comes and says he has back out. He says I have good news for you and says Abhi is not doing album and I will do it alone. Pragya is shocked and asks why? King says he must be afraid of me and must have realized that his career will be ruined after doing album with me. He says he will have bad publicity and have to pay penalty of 200 crores to wick and 3 years ban from the music industry. He says his career will be finished. Pragya says may be there is some other reason. King says I thought reason is me, but he himself said that he is backing out because of you. He says how he will make songs and music and says that man is mad. Pragya recalls Abhi telling that he can’t bear if any third person comes inbetween them. Kiara comes home and greets King. Pragya thinks he is ruining his career because of me.


Aaliya tells family members that world album is very important and Abhi refused to do it. Abhi comes home. Aaliya asks him why did he refuse and says if you terminate the contract then we have to pay penalty in crores etc. Purab asks to rethink. Aaliya says that rapper will think that you are afraid of him and says because of Pragya, you already went to depression and I had worked out for you and got you back. She says Pragya is a gold digger and ruined you, and I have handled you. Abhi says so you are a star maker and asks her to go and make someone as star. Abhi says he don’t want to see someone and goes. Aaliya asks Purab, Abhi is talking about whom? Purab says I have no idea. Dadi asks everyone to go ready to go to marriage function. Abhi is in the room and thinks of Pragya’s words. Song plays…..He looks at Pragya’s pic and says I lied to you that I don’t love you, miss you etc and thinks I am yearning for you, but you snatched the right to remember you. He says you are just mine, how can you give your hand in someone else hand. Pragya looks at Abhi’s pic and thinks you haven’t changed even in these 7 years. She says you are angry with me and want to ruin your career. She thinks to convince him to do the contract and says we will meet again.


Aaliya knocks on Abhi’s door and says sorry. She says whatever I told is much. Dasi asks her to leave him alone and asks her to come to the marriage. Aaliya says I don’t want to go leaving Bhai, but Dasi insists her to go and asks her to call Tanu. Aaliya goes. Dasi thinks I understand your pain.


Tanu gets ready and thinks to teach a lesson to Kiara. Aaliya asks Tanu to convince Abhi, and asks him not to back out from music album. Tanu asks with what relation you have said this? Aaliya says as a friend. Tanu taunts her and says our relation broke because of personal issues. Pragya is in the car and calls Abhi. Pragya calling Abhi and thinking what to tell him and how to make him understand that he shall do the album. She thinks I wouldn’t have been going there, but I have to go to save his career. Tanu tells Aaliya that you called me mad, psycho, etc. Aaliya says if Bhai walked out then he will have to give 200 crores. Tanu reminds her of their deal. Aaliya says you can’t have party if Bhai doesn’t do the deal. Tanu refuses to agree to her and says she is future Mrs. Universe. Aaliya says you can’t become anything because of your attitude and says she fears for Abhi. Dasi comes and asks them to come. Tanu and Aaliya continue to argue outside. Aaliya asks her to control her arrogance. Tanu says I don’t want to go to marriage, it will be boring. Aaliya asks her not to come.

Tanu says now I have valid reason and says good bye. Mitali tells Tai ji when will their dramas end? Aaliya says she heard. Dasi asks Tanu where is she going? Tanu says I will not go wherever Aaliya is going. Dasi asks her to come. Tanu says you don’t me who I am, then agrees to come. They sit in car and leave. Pragya comes there in her car and recalls Abhi’s words. She recalls her grah pravesh and steps inside the house. She sees his guitar and kisses on it recalling their moments. She thinks his room must be on upstairs. She thinks of their moments and a fb is shown.


Abhi recalls their moments and calls Pragya. Just then she opens the door and gets inside. Abhi looks at her surprisingly…..Saiyyara main Saiyyara…..plays…..Pragya looks at his room. He says I hope life was like a dream. I would have called you and you would have come infront of me. He touches her and finds her presence. He says you and hides her pic. He asks what are you doing here? Pragya says you have backed out of the album. Abhi says if you had come to plead infront of him so that your husband’s career don’t get ruined, then also I will not agree to do the album. Pragya says she came to thank him for backing out and tells Mr. King is very happy now to do the album Solo. She says Mr. Wick has doubled his pay thinking he will also back out and shows the fresh press release with King in it. She says this is so nice for us, I don’t know why you have back out from the album, but thank you. She says your fans must be thinking that you are not confident and if you had sang with Mr. King then you would have known that he is better than you. She says your fans will become King fans now, you gave us immense happiness and that’s why I came to thank you personally. Abhi says you gave me immense pain and asks why she is giving him more pain. He says I thought you will ask me to do the album, but you are counting your happiness and my helplessness. He asks why is she acting when she knows that he will lose so much if he doesn’t do the album. He says you must not have love for me, but atleast care..even it is not there. He says it was your dream to see me as an international singer and now you are seeing that dream for someone else.


Pragya thinks she has to make him understand that she is not affected by him. She says you are saying as if you left album for me and says you are doing this as you are scared and thinks Mr. King is better than you. Abhi says I called him joker, but you are cracking the joke. Abhi says I am best and will always be. Pragya says my husband is always best. Abhi asks her to tell looking in his eyes. Pragya looks at his pic and says my husband is best. Abhi holds her hand and and asks how could you do this with me. She asks your husband is better than your ex husband is your misunderstanding and says I will clear it. He says I will make put your husband down and show him reality. He says I am the best. Pragya says you can just say that you are the best. Abhi says I will do this album to prove my words.


He asks her to go and tell King that he never break his promises and tells that you will yearn to praise your husband, but you can’t infront of me and the world. He says you will tell only one thing that I am the best and will always be best. Pragya walks out smilingly and relieved. Abhi telling Pragya that he will do the world album and prove him best. Dadi calls Robin. Pragya hides hearing her voice. Dadi sees her and asks if she came to meet Abhi secretly and asks her to unite with Abhi and move the unconcerned people from their way. She hugs her and tells that they can’t live without loved ones. She says even your Daljeet Dadi would have said this and asks her not to leave her hand. Pragya thinks of Abhi and his words. She tells Dadi that she can’t come back and stay in the house. She apologizes. Dadi thinks how did Abhi let her go? Abhi thinks of Pragya’s words and calls King. King says yes. Abhi asks him to cancel his party if he has kept as he backed out. He tells that he talk to Mr. Wick. King asks what do you want to do? Abhi says I am coming

back and will not leave you until you leave this country. King thinks he has mood swings and tells Pragya that Abhi called and said that he is doing the album now. He tells her that he will not work with Indian singer again. Dasi and Tanu return back home. Tanu says she don’t want to go again. Dadi says next time, Pragya will go with Abhi. Tanu asks her not to be in the illusion and tells that Pragya don’t love anyone and haven’t come here till now. Dadi laughs and says you are having an illusion and says Pragya came here and met Abhi and me. Tanu gets angry on Dadi. Dasi tells Tanu that she will complain to Abhi about her. Tanu goes. Dasi asks Dadi if Pragya came? Dadi says yes and gets emotional.

Tanu goes to her room and thinks what did Pragya talk to Abhi. She thinks Pragya can’t return in his life and she can’t bear her. She thinks to ask Abhi about her importance in his life. Abhi picks the handkerchief which is fallen from Pragya’s hand and thinks it fell by mistake so that he can have her presence. Tanu comes there and thinks Abhi might be feeling Pragya’s handkerchief touching it. She takes the handkerchief and burns it.



Abhi tries to stop her. Tanu asks what do you think that I will keep quiet if you betray me. She says we are married for 5 years and you don’t allow me in the room, but you brought Pragya to this room. Abhi slaps her and asks what is our relation? He says our marriage is a deal and I told you all clauses clearly and never questioned you. Tanu says I agree, but you didn’t let me become your wife. She asks him to answer what is the relation between them. Abhi says they have no relation now. He tells her that Pragya likes someone else now and don’t love him now. He says I like Pragya even now, but the woman who came here was not like Pragya in thinking wise. He says Pragya is my enemy’s wife and I have no right to remember her. She asks then why did she come here? Abhi says she wants to celebrate my defeat and was celebrating my rival’s victory. He says she is changed now and tells that I hate her husband a lot. He says now I will show them that Abhishek Mehra is the best in the music world. Tanu says sorry and goes.


Kiara thinks of Abhi’s words that he gets disturbed seeing someone who resembles Cookie. Kiara asks him to tell her name and asks him not to underestimate the power of Kiara. Abhi asks her to take cookie. Kiara says ok, I will take cookie, but will return when you patch up with her. She says when you have cookie then I will sleep with Mamma and if I have cookie then you sleep with Sunny or some other doll.

Kiara thinking about Abhi and thinks to call him. She calls him and asks how is he? Abhi asks from where did you get my number. Kiara tells filmy dialogue and says Sunny gave her number. Abhi says it is good that you called me and tells that someone made him cry. Kiara says maybe that lady only and asks him not to cry. Abhi says I am not crying. Kiara asks are you getting sleep without cookie? Abhi asks how do you know? Kiara says you picked the call, that’s why. She says cookie thought you are missing her. Abhi says I was missing you. Kiara asks him to follow people and be careful so that nobody can cheat him. She says her mum came and ends the call. Abhi says I will talk to your mamma and she will not scold you. Pragya takes the call and says hello. Abhi holds the receiver

down and thinks her mum must be scolding her. Pragya tells Kiara that she shall not talk to a stranger. Kiara says he is not a stranger. Abhi thinks to go to her house and make her mum understand but then thinks her mum is doing right.


Tanu is happy and rejoices thinking Pragya has broken up with Abhi herself for forever and thinks now she will get him and celebrate. Pragya asks Kiara about him. Kiara says he didn’t sleep as he had a fight with someone. She says he cries like a child. Pragya asks what do you do then? Kiara says I pacify him. Pragya says she will meet him. Abhi comes to Sunny’s room to get Kiara’s address. Sunny wakes up. Abhi asks do you want to go with me on a long drive. Sunny asks where do you want to go? Abhi says Kiara’s house. He tells that Kiara called me and talked, so her mum is scolding her. He asks him to come with him. He calls Kiara. Kiara says mum went and tells that my mum is coming to meet you tomorrow. Abhi asks really? Kiara says my mum never break the promise. Abhi says Sunny and I are about to come to your house now. Kiara says Sunny don’t know my address. Sunny says I didn’t know. Abhi says where you were taking me then? Kiara says she doesn’t know the address and says her house is big. Abhi says I will meet you tomorrow. He thinks of Kiara’s words and ends the call.


Next morning, King comes for breakfast. Chachi and Tarun tell that they like parathas. Kiara says even she likes it. King thinks to taste it and says it is nice. Pragya says I will bring my phone and goes. Chachi tells King that he has a perfect wife and he is very lucky. Pragya tells that she is going to bank to open an account. Tarun says I will take Kiara to school. Kiara says today is the holiday for school due to rains. King thanks Pragya for managing everything well. Chachi asks why is he thanking his own wife.


Purab tells Disha that he needs to go to the bank, but she stops him and says she will bandage his hand first. Abhi comes there and tells Purab that Disha is handling two kids. Purab tells that he has some work in the bank. Abhi says I will go to the bank today and will meet Kiara’s mum tomorrow. He asks Purab to see the weather and Disha, and sign him to romance. Purab tells about bank name. Abhi asks them to enjoy and asks Disha to close the door. Purab throws pillow on Abhi, but it hits Aaliya. Abhi asks her not to disturb them and closes the door. Aaliya opens the door. Disha closes the door. Aaliya thinks she can’t change this.


Abhi comes to the bank. The manager tells that Purab told him that you are coming and that’s why I came 30 mins before. Abhi asks do you have any work. The manager says no. He tells that he came early to meet him. He tells that his daughter gave something to him. Abhi says daughters are special. Manager asks do you have a daughter. Abhi gets sad. Abhi telling Manager that he thought to have a daughter, but didn’t have. Manager says he has a daughter and she wants his pic. Abhi takes his phone and clicks his selfie. He says he don’t want his daughter to get mad about his pic. Manager sends Abhi with an employee to do the bank formalities. Abhi goes out.


Mona asks Pragya who is Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya asks why are you asking? Mona says you wrote after husband’s name. Pragya says he was my past, says sorry. She strikes his name. Abhi hears her and gets upset. Mona says correction is not allowed and asks her to fill another form. Abhi comes infront of her. Pragya looks at him. Mona asks if he is Abhishek Prem Mehra, the rockstar. Sad song plays….Abhi says you are absolutely right. He looks at Pragya. Mona

says I am very happy, your past and present, is rockstar and rapstar and says she is looking forward for their album. She asks Pragya, can I attend him. Pragya says yes. Mona asks Abhi, if Pragya broke off with you. Abhi asks her to call her Pragya Maa’m.


Mona comes to Pragya and tells that Abhi has so much attitude and that’s why you must have broken with him. Pragya says he is good and asks her to do her work. Mona thinks they don’t want to think anything bad about each other, and thinks they want to unite. Abhi calls Kiara and asks her to give her address. Kiara says she will call mum and asks him to wait, and says she will make a conference call. Abhi says you know it. Kiara calls Pragya and asks about her doll. Pragya tells her. Kiara asks her to talk to doll chor on conference call. Abhi gets an important call and picks the call. Kiara tells Pragya that the call couldn’t be connected and goes to king and asks him to connect conference call between doll chor and Pragya. She tells him that she wants to connect her mum with doll chor, who is her best friend. King connects their call. Abhi and Pragya collide on stairs and the papers fall down over them. They have an eye lock. Kitni baatein song plays……


Kiara tells King that she wants to change doll chor name to something else. King says you can change anything. She asks him to suggest. Kiara thinks of Abhi calling him rockstar and says rockstar will be the best. King asks why rockstar and asks his name. Abhi sees pragya talking to mona. Employee comes and says he needs his signature on a paper. He takes Abhi with him. Kiara tells that he must have told his name as rockstar to impress her. She thinks of his song honey honey and tells honey honey….but before she could complete the song, Tarun comes and calls King. King says he is having headache. Kiara asks King to rest at home. Tarun checks and says he is having fever. Chachi comes and asks him to have medicine, asks him to call his wife and asks her to take care of him. Kiara says I will take care of you and take him to room. Abhi gets Purab’s call. Purab tells him that Disha brought much food and will kill him with overfeeding. Abhi asks him to romance and says he will come late.


Disha pats on Purab’s hand. Purab tries to run. She holds him. Purab says ok beat on my hand. He gives his hand. Disha kisses on his hand. Mona says you will get your documents in 5 mins. Manager comes to Pragya and tells that he couldn’t attend her personally. He says today is an important day for them. Just then security guards take two bags inside and drop it. Manager asks them to be careful and says flooring will break. Pragya says how can floor break with cash. Man tells that it is gold and tells they are keeping gold in their bank from other banks. Pragya says ok.

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