Twist of Fate: Thursday and Friday — 28th and 29th March, 2019

Twist of Fate Thursday and Friday 28th and 29th March, 2019

Twist of Fate Thursday and Friday 28th and 29th March, 2019

Robber Ronnie tries to kill the man, but his wife pleads infront of him not to kill him. Boss stops him. Robber tells Boss that Manager escaped with the keys. Boss asks Robber to cut all wireless lines. Abhi calls Police station. Constable picks the call and doesn’t believe that he is rockstar on the call. Robber cuts the phone lines. Boss asks the robbers to break the door. Lady robber says police will come here by then. Boss says we will have a helicopter ready on the terrace. She says if they shoot on the helicopter. Boss says he has already thought and says they will keep Abhishek Mehra hostage. He sees Pragya’s phone and asks lady robber to get that girl also. He tells that he will take Abhi and this girl in the helicopter. He tells that nobody will know they are with the terrorist gang. Abhi asks Pragya not to walk else she will lose weight. He gets an idea and tells that there must be a fire alarm in the bank and says if he burns the lighter near the fire alarm then it will make a sound. Pragya asks do you smoke? Abhi says no and says he will manage the get lighter. Pragya asks how you will get fire and asks if he rub two stones. She says she will also come. Abhi says no and says if you come then. Judaa hoke bhi plays…

Abhi insisting to go alone to get lighter. Pragya says they have guns if anything happens to you. Abhi says nothing will happen to me, asks if she trusts him. Pragya says but. Abhi asks her to agree to him. Pragya says if I feel the need then I will come out. Song plays…Pragya asks him to come back and asks him to take care. He comes out and thinks where will I get the lighter. Pragya worries for him. A robber catches Abhi and calls him Abhishek Prem Mehra. Lady robber catches Pragya as she is about to hit the robber attacking Abhi. She takes her with her. Abhi asks robber if he has lighter. He says yes. Abhi beats him and takes gun and lighter. Lady takes Pragya downstairs. Pragya asks who are you? Old lady says you are weak to kill innocent people. Abhi hears the bullet sound.

Abhi gets the walkie-talkie from the goon and thinks how to switch it on. Boss of the goon hear him and says you will know soon Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya gets tensed. Abhi comes back to room. Boss comes there. Abhi calls Police station again and inform about the robber attack.


Boss of the robbers come to the room. Abhi catches him. Boss tells that he is bank customer and asks him not to shoot at him. He tells him that he has a wife and daughter. Abhi misunderstands him and gives gun in his hand. Robber says shall I shoot at you and says he fooled him. Abhi says my doubt was right and asks him to stop him. Boss tries to shoot him, but there is no bullets. Abhi says I was acting and not you. He locks him and comes out of room. He thinks to impress Pragya and searches her. MAanger calls Police and informs of robbery. Police says they are coming. The robber who was beaten up by Abhi opens the door and frees the boss. Pragya asks where is he? Boss asks all goons to come with him and leave one goon there.


Pragya smiles and tells old lady that Abhi might be safe and must have irritated the robber and made him angry. Old lady asks if fight ended. Pragya says anger ended. Old Lady love is left and asks if she is newly married. A boy comes to Abhi and asks him to save him. Abhi asks him to hide where he was hiding. Boy says you are rockstar. Abhi says I am rockstar, but not Fightstar. Boy says I will be with you and shows trust on Abhi. Boss asks goons to get ready for fireworks and then it will be difficult for them to rob the bank. Lady robber says if we get caught. Boss asks them to search Abhishek Mehra and says he is Mohra for our safe exit. Abhi sees robbers trying to break the locker and asks the boy to hide in the place where he was hidden. The boy asks him to take him. Abhi promises him. Goons sense his presence. Pragya hearing Police jeep sound and thinks Abhi called them. Abhi searches for Pragya. Old lady tells that she wants water and says he will take it. Robber pushes her. Abhi holds her and fights with the robbers. Robbers catch Abhi and beat him. Pragya sees Abhi beaten up by them and hit one of the goon. Robber pushes her. Abhi gets angry and beats the robber. Other robber runs to the boss and informs that Abhi is downstairs. They think that he is an iron man. Pragya asks Abhi to leave the robber. Abhi asks how dare you to raise hand on my Pragya. Old lady asks Pragya to take Abhi from there before other robbers come there. Pragya asks him to come.


Aaliya calls everyone and says did I tell everyone about my feelings for Purab. They say yes. Disha says even I heard. Aaliya

asks then why you are staying here. She says she did a mistake by loving Purab and says Disha did a mistake by marrying her love. She says Purab and Disha will not stay here and asks them to go and find their personal space somewhere. Dasi says you are saying much. Aaliya asks her to either ask them to leave, or get Purab marry her. Taya ji says Purab is married. Disha says I think that Purab is right. Aaliya calls her gawar and asks Purab and disha to leave. Purab says we will leave. Manager tells Police about the robbers and tells that he didn’t give them keys and somehow escaped to inform Police. Police appreciate him. Pragya and Abhi are leaving. Boy comes to him and asks him not to leave him. He tells that his Papa is hostage by the robbers. Abhi says this boy can’t run like us and asks Pragya to hide with him. Pragya asks him to return. Abhi promises her and says he has to talk to her. Police and Media see CCTV hidden camera footage and think to save public.


Purab decides to leave. Taya ji asks Dadi to make him understand. Dasi says we all will be hurt to go away from you. Aaliya asks him to end the emotional drama. Disha asks Aaliya if Purab ever loved her or promised to marry her. Aaliya is silent. Disha says why you are blaming him for ruining your life. She says I can sympathize with you and asks her not to blame Purab again for her bad luck. Tanu thinks Disha made Aaliya quiet. Disha apologizes to everyone and says I can’t hear anything against him. Pragya and the boy hide, but they are caught by lady robber and the boss.


Aaliya brings their stuff and asks them to leave. Dasi asks her to be quiet. Aaliya says Disha has to go with her right husband and asks her to take her stuff and leave. Constable tells Inspector that he will show him about the situation inside. Inspector asks him to show. Boss slaps Pragya and says if you tries to elope then I will kill the boy. He says you would have agreed to us.




Inspector warning the Boss of the robbers to leave everyone. Boss tells them that they will rob the bank and will go freely from there. Boss says this inspector will die. Dasi asks Purab not to go. Dadi asks her to switch on the TV. Tanu comes to Aaliya and asks her to stop Purab, says if he go from here then you will never get him. Just then they hear Purab’s voice shouting to get the car. Inspector says CCTV camera is let on so that we feel pressurized to do as they think. He says we will do opposite of that. Mitali informs Tanu and Aaliya about Abhi stuck in the bank robbery. They watch the news. Boss asks his robbers to kill the Policeman whoever enters inside. Police enters there. Robbers fire at them. Abhi is still in the first floor. Inspector calls his superior and

says they need more Police force. Boss calls Inspector and asks if they thought him halwa and says your constables are dead. Inspector says they have become martyr. Boss says we will do robbery and get gold and money. He tells that they will go on the helicopter and says they will have Abhishek Prem Mehra with us. Inspector asks what is the guarantee that he is with you. Constable tells Inspector that Abhishek Mehra is there as he only called him. Inspector asks him to call on his mobile and home.


King tells Kiara that he will watch cartoon. Kiara says no. Chachi comes and asks him to drink kada. He refuses, but Kiara insists him. King tastes it and says I thought it is soup. Chachi says he will be fine within an hour. Kiara asks him to finish it and says medicine is not tasty. She emotionally blackmails him. King says he will drink some. Kiara makes him have kada. King says she is best Daughter. They watch News Channel and hear news about the robbery. Tarun comes and tells that Pragya is there in that bank where robbery is happening. King says he will go. Chachi and Kiara insist to go with him. King says but you both shall not get down from the car.


Boss beats the man and scolds his robbers for couldn’t handling Abhi. He says Ronnie didn’t call till now to inform if the locker is opened or not. Robbers tell them that Abhi got mad when one of them pushed the woman (Pragya) and beat them, but then she asked him to leave us and he left us. Boss asks Pragya about her relation with Abhi and tells that he will search on net. He searches on net and gets to know that Pragya is his wife. He pushes old lady and tells that Pragya will be useful for them. Tanu, Aaliya, Purab, Disha and Others come there. Inspector asks them to understand and cooperate with them. He asks Constable not to let anyone go to CCTV room. Aaliya thinks to go and check what is there.


Boss calls Abhi and tells that his wife is with him. Pragya says I have no relation with him and she doesn’t know him. Abhi gets sad and thinks why she told this.

Abhi coming downstairs. Robber tells that love is strong. Abhi asks Pragya not to tell him that they have not relations anymore. He tells her that whatever she thinks about their relations, but he always think as his wife. He asks her not to say that they are strangers again. Old Lady tells the other that they love each other a lot. Robber tells that Abhi risked his life as she loves her and says why a stranger risks his life for other. Aaliya talks to Tanu and asks about Pramod number. Tanu asks why? Aaliya says she wants to go on a date with him. Tanu scolds her. Aaliya says she wants to take his help. Robber calls Inspector and asks him to give some other number to him so that he can send Abhi’s pic with his wife. Inspector gives constable’s number. Aaliya says robber

is lying as his wife is Tanu, who is here? They go to the control room.


King tells Tarun that he will drive the car. He sits on the driver’s seat. Abhi smiles and poses pic with Pragya and robbers. Robber says you will cry soon. Pragya says I will not talk to you. Abhi asks why you don’t want to talk to me. Pragya asks why you did opposite to my saying. She says she will tell later. Inspector sees the pic and shows to Aaliya and Tanu. Tanu and Aaliya get upset and says she is his ex wife. Inspector asks them to go out and asks operator to give him info. He says if they don’t go then arrest them. Aaliya and Tanu go out. Abhi asks Pragya to tell now and says I know you are upset as I came here even thought you called me stranger. He says you didn’t know that why I came here. He says I came here for you. Dil diyan Gallan plays…..He says do you think that I don’t care for you.


Robber asks them to keep quiet. Abhi says we are talking romantically. Old lady says his love is strong and that’s why he came to save Pragya. Robber scolds him. Pragya says you can’t talk to him like that. Robber asks his men to tie them and lock in the room. Abhi says good. Robber comes to the locker room and scolds his man for not opening the locker. His robber tells that it is a digital lock and asks him to open. Boss asks him to open. Robber again tries to open the lock. King reaches the bank. Kiara runs behind him and says he will accompany, but he asks her to be with Chachi and asks Chachi to take care of her. Lady robber and the other guy robber tie Abhi and Pragya to the pillar. Mitali asks Constable to let them go inside. Constable says we have to save everyone. Suwarni Dadi cries. Purab asks Disha to take Dadi to car. Dadi refuses to go without Abhi.


Pragya and Abhi argue. She asks why didn’t you take me when you were searching lighter. Abhi asks then why did you come out when I refused? Pragya says I thought you are in trouble and that’s why she came out. Song plays baatein yeh….

Kiara showing Pragya’s pic to Abhi. Abhi sees some other woman and thinks she is her mum. He promises to bring her mum. Constable comes and introduces himself, says I had picked your call. Abhi asks him to be serious next time. He goes to the Inspector. Inspector says you will get it and asks do you know how to use gun? Abhi asks are you mad and tell that the robbers have kept everyone captive including Pragya and tell that they are psycho and will kill if I take gun inside. Inspector says they will kill everyone after the robbery and leave in the helicopter. He says if everyone dies, then your Pragya will die too. Abhi says you mean that they will rob and then they will kill everyone. Inspector says they will take you with them in the helicopter and says that’s why they will

not kill you first. They are not wearing mask and that’s why they will kill everyone. Abhi says they will check me once I go inside. Inspector says we are sending food to a diabetic patient and will send gun with it. Abhi agrees. Constable says you will become a hero.


Inspector says commandoes are also coming. King tells Kiara that he talked to the Inspector and he said that commandoes are coming and will rescue her mum. Kiara says rockstar also assured her. King asks where is he? Kiara says he was here.

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