Messi And Ronaldo ‘Don’t Deserve’ To Win FIFA Awards This Year – Berbatov

Messi And Ronaldo ‘Don't Deserve’ To Win FIFA Awards This Year - Berbatov 5

Former Manchester united striker, Berbatov believes it would be unfair if either Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo won the award as they ‘don’t deserve’ to be among the finalists.

Berbatov believes Bayern Munich hitman, Lewandowski should have won the Ballon d’Or and claims the FIFA title will be ‘compensation’ for such disappointment.

Lewandowski is the favourite to pick up the award after he scored 15 goals and registered six assists to help Bayern Munich find Champions League glory back in August, but Berbatov worries he could still be disregarded.

Messi And Ronaldo ‘Don't Deserve’ To Win FIFA Awards This Year - Berbatov

Berbatov says Lewandowski may miss out on the award due to ‘business’ reasons behind the scenes.

The Bulgarian told Betfair: ‘I’m surprised Ronaldo and Messi are among finalists for the Fifa Best award as I’m not sure they deserved to be there.

‘I think they should give it to Robert Lewandowski. I think he deserves it. I’m not that sure who else should be there.

‘People will always argue and speculate about who should be there. It is these three players and I think Lewandowski deserves to get the award. It would be unfair if he didn’t win it.

‘I think it was unfair the Golden Ball didn’t happen this year as he was my favourite and a lot of people’s favourite. I think he should have got that award and hopefully this will be compensation.

‘Sometimes unfortunately football is business and behind the curtains and the PR/Agents work way more away the camera from what you see.

‘For me, Lewandowski is up there with the best strikers in modern football. This is a subject where nobody can agree on one player as in my opinion you cannot compare players from different times. Kane, Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero who have been scoring goals for many years are among the best.

‘There are others, but with Lewandowski the way he plays the game and moves around the pitch, he should be in my three top strikers; he is great.’

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