Olamide Introduces New Dance ‘Kpakujemu’ For His New Song ‘Motigbana’

Olamide Introduces New Dance ‘Kpakujemu’ For His New Song ‘Motigbana’

After the release of his new song – Motigbana, YBNL Leader, Olamide is set to replace the trending Shaku Shaku with a new dance named Kpakujemu.

However, reacting to the new development, a Nigerian identified as KenModi on a popular web forum wrote ;
This is what gets Nigerian youths excited.
But if it is something educational or intellectual, they would avoid it like a plague.
They would all soon start searching for “how to dance kpakujemu” on google
But to band togther to remove these old politicians they won’t because their brains are filled with sawdust.
When Sowore declared his political party as the African Action Congress, fellow youths made fun of him for not picking a “formidable” party.
Lazy Nigerian youths, you all deserve to have your futures stolen by your greedy ancestors masquerading as politicians.
Keep cheering for them when they give u 5000k each while dancing kpakujemo!

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