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Viral Video: Prisoners Fights After Cellmates Tries To Rape Him In The Night





The video shows two inmates fighting inside their cell. And the reason for the fight is SHOCKING.

According to online reports the two men are CELLMATES, and one of the men (in the Blue pants) is alleged to have tried to s*xually assault the other. And the two men decided to “fight it out.”

One of the men (the one in the yellow shorts) had a cell phone and set it up to record the whole thing. It was obviously him who leaked it – possibly as a warning to other inmates not to try him.

According to the Stop Prisoner Rape, an estimated 200,000-men are sexually abused in U.S. detention centers every year, with nearly half of all reported instances citing prison guards or staff as the alleged abuser.

“Where the predators — the more violent, powerful inmates — are in effect being given a bribe or a reward to cooperate with the prison authorities,”Harvard University criminologist Dr. James Gilligan told ABC News. “As long as they cooperate, the prison authorities will permit them to have their victims.”

Sadly, many rapes in prison go unreported.


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