BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: I Don’t See Queen As a Lover – Whitemoney

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: I Don't See Queen As a Lover - Whitemoney 5

Whitemoney has revealed he doesn’t have romantic feelings for Queen.

According to him, his feelings are genuine but not as a lover.

In chat with JayPaul on Wednesday night, Whitemoney expressed how he felt about Queen.

Whitemoney said Queen doesn’t seem to understand that he sees her as a sister, adding that he genuinely wants to help her.

“I have told her to stop thinking that I want to be with her in that aspect.

“I genuinely like her and I feel the need to help her. I’m not new to this game because I have been studying it and I know how it works but it’s not the same for her.

“The other day she was kissing and giving Cross a lap dance and I didn’t feel bad but Imagine if I was the one who did that, all hell would have been let loose.

“I know how I got her to loosen up and start associating with other housemates because I was like with the way she’s so attached to me, If along the line I leave, how will she cope?

“She still doesn’t get it, all I have for her in my heart is genuine feelings and nothing more,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Queen had confronted Whitemoney over his closeness to Jackie B, accusing him of not being loyal to her.

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