DaBaby Kicks His Babymama, Dani Leigh Out Of His House, Calls Police On Her

DaBaby Kicks His Babymama, Dani Leigh Out Of His House, Calls Police On Her 3

Popular music star, DaBaby kicked his babymama out his house while she was trying to feed their infant child… Then called the cops in a nasty fight captured on video.

The rapper filmed part of some sort of altercation Sunday between himself and singer – whom he’s been seeing on and off for years now, and whom he now shares a daughter with, who was born in August.

DaBaby went live on his IG during an argument with Dani Leigh.

It is unclear the exact cause of the sad incident, but at some point in the night, DaBaby started filming his babymama trying to nurse the kid while in bed, and seemed to be aggravating to the new mother.

DaniLeigh told him to stop, and even tried putting a pillow up between them … which DaBaby seems to swipe away so she can be in view of the camera.

Eventually, DaniLeigh took over from her phone — and it shows the cops had been called.

DaniLeigh goes on an emotional rant — saying she’s getting kicked out of DaBaby’s house in North Carolina … noting she has nowhere to go, but that she’ll figure it out.

For DaBaby’s part, he tried explaining what was up in a lengthy statement on Instagram. But, from reports, he’s claiming he’s the victim – and that DaniLeigh was beating on him and chasing him, like something out of “Fatal Attraction.” He says he started filming her for his own protection.

DaniLeigh was a little more coherent in her own remarks … saying she’s been living with DaBaby since having their kid a few months ago — and that he randomly asked her to scram last night … for what she perceives was him wanting to bang another chick.

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