Invest Or Go Broke, Teni Advises Entertainers

Invest Or Go Broke, Teni Advises Entertainers 5

Popular singer, Teniola Apata, aka Teni D’Entertainer, has advised fellow entertainers to invest part of their earnings or go broke in future.

Speaking during an Instagram live session with media personality, Adesope Olajide, she said, “One of the greatest artistes of all time, Micheal Jackson, went broke. All this love people are saying that they love you, enjoy it, but don’t get it twisted. Be smart. Prepare for your future. Save and invest. As we speak, having money in a Nigerian bank is as useless as paper. Naira is going to depreciate and one’s money is going to be useless. So, look for ways to invest and where to invest your money in order to multiply it. Your life (as a celebrity) is not like anybody’s life. You cannot go back to the job market. Even if you don’t care, people would look down on you. As an artiste, one has to prepare. One’s future is very important.

“Artistes have a time frame (to be in the spotlight). Don’t forget that. When it is your time, use it well and prepare for your future. At least, have a house and make sure you have something that is bringing you money. You should not go around begging, so that people would not say, ‘Let’s donate for this person’.”

Teni also recalled that Davido had predicted that she would turn out to be a huge star a long time ago. Explaining why Davido was the only artiste she featured on her debut album, ‘Wondaland’, she said, “Davido is such an amazing guy. He is special. I had known David right from Atlanta, United States of America. I remember that I met him in a studio and he said to me, ‘Go back to Nigeria, you are going to be a huge star’. He motivated me with those words and it was just right for me to do something with him. He was already a star at the time. Imagine Davido telling me, ‘Do your thing. You can actually do this thing’.”

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