Meek Mill Bows To The Healing Powers Of Bitter Kola

“I’m Moving To Africa” – Meek Mill Reveals

American rapper Meek Mill is now singing the praise of bitter kola, after it helped him cure an ailment that his doctors could not fix for two years.

Many experts have identified the medicinal power of the bitter kola but the personal experience is all the star needed to become its apostle.

As a result, he wants to have more of African heritage which, he believes, had all along been undervalued.

He declared in a tweet: “My stomach been messed up almost 2 years I been to a bunch of doctors … I took a African herb and it fixed my stomach like magic!”

Meek Mill Bows To The Healing Powers Of Bitter Kola 4

In an online article by eProject Library, 10 benefits of bitter kola are identified to include treatment of malaria, cold, cough and diabetes.

“Bitter kola is believed to have chemical properties that allow it to be an antimalarial catalyst. It contains Kolaviron which is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, which has high antimalarial properties ​(Esiegwu & Udedibie , 2009)​.

“Bitter kola is known for being a natural hunger suppressant and a great thirst stimulant, and as such helps to reduce weight loss, as a reduced intake of food and a large intake of water is needed by the body to get rid of excess fat and stay healthy ​(Collise et al., 2011)​,” it adds.

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