“My Mum Sleeps Around With Random Men” – Kemi Olunloyo’s Son Reveals

“My Mum Sleeps Around With Random Men” – Kemi Olunloyo’s Son

“My Mum Sleeps Around With Random Men” – Kemi Olunloyo’s Son

Kemi Olunloyo’s son, Enitan Robert, on his 33rd birthday, slammed the journalist, sharing some things about her.

Enitan, in celebration of his birthday, took to his Instagram page to share a lengthy post about his mother, which he called his “deep story.”

According to Enitan, Kemi who he referred to as his ‘former biological mother’ has stopped sending birthday wishes to him after they had a fall out a year ago.

He alleges that their fight was about Kemi “telling these filthy nasty Nigerians to wish me a happy birthday.” He goes on to say he does not know these people personally and he wishes she would have kept “her big trap shut.”

Enitan then launches into his mother’s controversial life talking about how she “tells lies on everyone” as she has “no compassion, love, respect and no nothing.”

He also alleged that his ‘former biological mother’, “loves to be a whore just to sleep around with random dudes so she can get pregnant.”

His post also accuses Kemi of using him and his siblings as “pawns in her game to get what she wants.” Enitan further said that she does evil things and hurts people, including him, and that Kemi sent him to Nigeria to get him trapped so he can be killed.

He concludes his post by saying he is still here and nothing can tear him down as long as he moves on with his life because God will protect him.

When Enitan turned 30, Kemi took to Instagram to admonish single mothers. She wrote:

“30 years ago today, I had my first child. I raised him alone and made it. To all the single moms out there, success is possible so better learn from me. Happy 30th birthday ?Enitan Robert. February 17th 1987”.

“My Mum Sleeps Around With Random Men” – Kemi Olunloyo’s Son

In the past, there has been a controversy concerning Kemi’s children. Tokunbo Aboderin who was called a family member claimed she was related to the Olunloyo’s and she knew the true story behind Kemi’s children,

Aboderin alleged that Kemi’s children were fathered by her father Omololu, ex-governor of Oyo state, emphasizing that Olunloyo is mentally imbalanced.

Aboderin further revealed that Kemi’s children were taken away from her in the United States (US) because she harasses them and has not seen the children ever since.

In her response, Kemi said she found the story funny and slammed Aboderin as an attention seeker who her father slept with and dumped in the ’70s.

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Solomon Gbode
1 year ago

Yoruba’s are highly reserve and cultural. They say yo don’t laugh at your mother’s nakedness. Whatever, this man doesn’t need to bring their quarrel to the social media.

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