Offset Inspired Me To Propose To Kirsten Corley — Chance The Rapper

Offset Inspired Me To Propose To Kirsten Corley — Chance The Rapper 4

Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper has revealed who motivated him to propose to his woman – Kirsten Corley.

In a recent sit down with L.A.'s Big Boy's Neighborhood radio show, Chance reflected on what gave him the extra push to propose to his now-wife.

Chance said that it was Offset who gave him a pep talk not long after the Migos rapper secretly wed Cardi B. “The other thing that actually changed my life, this is great, everything is coming back to me. I was actually at Coachella when we had this conversation,” Chance recalled.

“[Offset] was like, ‘Everybody doesn’t know this, but this thing between me and Cardi isn’t fake. We actually just got married in my backyard like a couple weeks ago and we didn’t tell anybody.’ This was before it got announced, this was before everything that has happened through their relationship.”

“[Offset] was like, ‘This is my wife, this is who I’mma be with for the rest of my life. So as close as we are just know that we are a million times closer and this is what we need as a family,’’ Chance shared that Offset told him.

“Obviously her album is dope, obviously…but like just keep it real with me if you’re gonna do this,’ and I was like, ‘Before you said all that stuff I wanted to do it but now I’m gonna do it, and I’m gonna propose to my wife soon.’ So that just being 100 percent clear about it: Offset, yeah, probably one of the biggest inspirations in me manning up.”

Watch the video below…

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