‘Stop Blocking Kids From Reaching Their Dads’ – Toyin Lawani Tells Single Mothers

‘Stop Blocking Kids From Reaching Their Dads’ – Toyin Lawani Tells Single Mothers

‘Stop Blocking Kids From Reaching Their Dads’ – Toyin Lawani Tells Single Mothers

Lagos socialite and entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, has advised single mothers to stop bridging kids from their fathers as the men can never be replaced with another.

She made the statement while posting a photo of her baby daddy, Lord Trigga, who is the father to her son, Lord Tega.

Celebrating him and promoting his new song at the same time, Toyin wrote that for the fact they are no longer together does not imply that they are enemies, and other single mothers should follow in the same footstep.

She wrote:

”A lot of people don’t realize the meaning of Friendship, it’s about understanding, you don’t have to jump into bed with each other, knowing you have brought a great thing to life,for the betterment and mental state of The being that didn’t beg you people to Bring he or she to life, you have to make it all work out, you don’t have to be close, but you can let them feel fatherly love.

If a kid grows up in a divided home, they will grow up thinking like that and acting like that, and that’s how they will treat women, but when you show a United form in front of them, they will know better, even when you turn back 5secs later and corse each other out

You must find the inner strength to show up for important things for your kids, no woman can ever replace the space of a father in life, no matter how you try or how hard we work we can’t replace dads, men will always fuck up

Some won’t even support in caring of the kid and feel entitled and even if you replace their father’s space with a Good role model, they will still grow up knowing that aint their papa, but you have to look past that and Show a United form for your kids.

Great leaders weren’t made in a day, they were trained from young. Their thinking and upbringing matter a lot.

Eg trump and his wife the way they behave publicly and Obama and his wife the way they behave publicly, for Obama you will know love leads, so how can you ask someone like trump to show love to other countries 🤷‍♀️ when the man don’t know the 1st word of love amongst his family, take a moment and think about it.

This is to everyone out there hurting or regretting, let go and see what God will bring into your life, unlimited happiness, a sad person can never make anyone else happy in life.

Make your kids happy❤️ women need to stop blocking kids from their dads as form of punishment, na dem offend you?@triggagoddafi we wish you well on your new adventure. Y’all go follow and support him on his new music dropping soon. Everyone needs to learn how to forgive but don’t forget oo.”

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