Dj Zedd ‘permanently Banned’ From China After Liking South Park Tweet

Dj Zedd ‘permanently Banned’ From China After Liking South Park Tweet 4

Dj Zedd ‘permanently Banned’ From China After Liking South Park Tweet 5

International DJ Zedd, has claimed he’s been banned from China for liking a Tweet from the adult animated show ”South Park,” following a rift between the producers of the show and the Communist Chinese government .

The rift between China and the show’s producers started last week when they aired an episode titled “Band in China.”

                               Grammy winning DJ Zedd

In the episode, one of the characters, Randy Marsh travels to China to sell marijuana from his farm in the Chinese market. While there, he is arrested and witnesses the harsh treatment of Chinese prisoners. While at the work camp, he encounters Winnie the Pooh who was also a political prisoner in the cartoon, and Winnie the pooh had striking physical comparisons to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The episode sparked outrage from Beijing, prompting the government to ban “South Park” from its Internet, including any social media mentions on State controlled social media platform Weibo — as well as scrubbing episodes and clips from the streaming service Youku.

The controversy continued after the producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone issued a mock “apology” on Monday to China.

                                         Grammy winning DJ Zedd

Zedd, whose real name is Anton Zaslavski, announced his ban just days later, though he did not say if the ban meant he was no longer physically allowed in the country or if his music would be censored.

Grammy winning DJ Zedd

CNBC reported Saturday morning that his songs were still available on China’s main streaming service.

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