I share my tithe to people, says Zubby Michael

I share my tithe to people, says Zubby Michael 4

Nollywood actor Zubby Michael has made it clear he doesn’t pay tithe but shares it to people.

Speaking in an interview with TheBroadway TV, the actor revealed he is the richest actor when asked if he thinks he is.

According to the film star, he recently made N102million from his craft, noting he has a book where he records his works and payment received.

He said: “Yes o! For now, I’m the richest actor. If you check the money wey I dey collect. I’m not saying this make them clap for me. The last time I checked my book, I realised I made N102 milion from artist related work /films, 102!

“Not like all my career o! of recent. As in, e get where I dey write all the film wey I dey do with the money wey dem dey pay me.”

Speaking further, Zubby disclosed he is not pro-church or pro-tithe but would rather share 10 percent of his income to people.

The 36-year-old actor also asked people to quit, complaining when they see his splashing cash on around a crowd because, that’s his own way of tithing.

He added: “Because I dey always write 10 percent of that thing and share to people. Because I no dey pay tithe. I no dey go church. I no dey believe all those things. I share it to people. So I dey write am.

“So, the last time wey I go check na 102million, that means I have to share N10.2million.

“So, if you see me throwing money, shut up, you don’t know what I’m doing. I’m paying my tithe in the other way.”

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