“Saga Is Love-Starved” – Pamilerin Opines On The 14th Episode Of The Buzz With Toke Makinwa

“Saga Is Love-Starved” - Pamilerin Opines On The 14th Episode Of The Buzz With Toke Makinwa 5

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than being able to catch up with a week of your favourite show in 30 minutes. But Showmax proves it can get even more rewarding with social commentaries from some of the most delightful guests and a host like no other, Toke Makinwa.

This weekend, she sat down with Nollywood star Lilian Afegbai, Social media influencer Pamilerin Adegoke, and multimedia personality Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun. They broke down week 8 in Big Brother’s house with no-holds-barred conversations and striking opinions.

Week 8 Highlights In Minutes

Lilian Afegbai was Toke’s first guest on the show, and together they broke down the highlights. Laughing until she was doubled over, the actress told Toke one of the best parts of the week for her was watching the housemates mimic each other. She said that Pere’s imitation of Angel was perhaps the most hilarious of them all.

She said that she likes that Saga has accepted that he is Nini’s handbag and couldn’t possibly be a strategy. Toke thinks Nini is encouraging Saga’s behaviour and that just led to an argument between the ladies. Lilian said that she could accept that Nini also likes Saga, but definitely not enough to be a boyfriend. They moved on to Liquorose and Emmanuel. They agreed that they are both sweet and that Emmanuel is such a fine man. She ended the conversation by adding that Saskay in that house was black spice, and she was needed.

The Bonds, The Fake Fights, And The Sex Conversation

Pamilerin joined Lilian at this point to talk about how the relationships are doing. They started the segment by talking about Queen’s candid conversation about her sex preferences with Cross. Everyone agreed that it was okay to be upfront about what you like that way.

The discussion shifted to the ‘EmmaRose’ ship. Once again, all of them poured accolades on Liquorose for the way she handled her task from Big Brother. They said it was impressive, and it proves that she has her eyes on the prize. Finally, in the section, they talked about Yousef and Cross’ ‘fight’ for Angel. Lilian and Pamilerin said they’d put their money on Cross if there was a real fight. Toke said she’ll support Yousef because quiet guys are dangerous and have inner peace.

The Real Fights And Gbas-Gbos In Week 8

Stephanie joined the rest of the guests to talk about the theatrical fights between Saga and Pere, and Cross and Nini. They started with the latter duo, and Toke came in hot for Saga, saying his involvement in their conflict annoyed her. She expected him to put Nini in check. Steph noted that Nini went overboard with the fight and said many ‘below the belt’ things to Cross. Toke thought that Cross’s breakdown was just proof that he’s genuine, human and emotional.

They moved to Saga and Pere. Toke said that Pere likes to pick on people he believes are weak and that his only version of friendship is when he’s the head. Everyone agreed that Pere’s behaviour is influenced by his military background. They believe that he plays mind games, and he’s very intentional about what he does. Lilian added that he’s just playing his game, and he’ll crush anyone in his path. They also talked about Saga, agreeing that his ‘gum body’ with Nini may be an abandonment issue, or maybe he’s just love-starved.

Week 8’s Standout Moments On The Buzz

Again, Saga was at the centre of conversations during this segment. Toke thought he should have served his punishment for not completing his Biggie task alone. All the guests agreed that he has lost sight of the N90 million he initially came into the house for and has decided that Nini is his prize. Once again, they praised Liquorose for the way she handled the task. The ladies acknowledged that Liquorose could pull off the mission because she’s a woman. They said women barely ever lose sight of their goals, especially where money is involved.

They also talked about Nini and Saga getting strikes. This is Saga’s second strike, and Lilian believes he needs to be very careful because Pere will try to trigger him. If Saga gets another strike on the show, he’ll be automatically disqualified. Everyone also concluded that they were sure that Pere would try something on Saga. Toke says that it’s sad because Saga does not even have a woman that will help to keep him grounded. Again, it was unanimous that Nini is for herself and will not be doing the most to keep Saga safe.

The Conclusion

The secret diary session saw housemates talk about their emotions about nominations and their various tasks. It was also the place to tell Biggie about their relationships, rant about the house, and simply let loose. Afterwards, the guests came to the conclusion that all the housemates are crazy. They exempted Cross from that list, saying he’s a baby and super genuine.

As always, Toke asked her guests who their MVP of the week was. Steph and Pamilerin chose Liquorose because she handled Biggie’s task of not talking to her partner in the house, Emmanuel. Lilian also said she leaned towards Liquorose, but she’d instead pick Pere. She said she liked the way he executed the imitation task and his version of how Angel acts. Toke’s MVP was Cross because he has such great restraint and cap on his emotion. She said that his fight with Nini was an actual test of his character.

She ended the show by asking them who they thought was going home on Sunday. Lilian said if it’s two people, then her money was on Saskay and Yousef. Pamilerin, Toke and Steph chose Saskay and Emmanuel. They added Angel to the list if three people are sent home. Pamilerin got the last word in on that, saying Cross and Yousef were going nowhere, especially Yousef.

The Buzz is exclusive to Showmax and airs on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Download the Showmax app on your iOS or Android device to stay updated on the drama from the BBNaija’ Shine Ya Eye’ edition.

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