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“Trying to Create Content by Force” – Simi Mocked Over Comment On How Air Host Gave Daughter ‘Fake Awww’



Nigerians have tackled musician, Simi Kosoko, accusing her of doing too much.

This comes after she shared a story of how an air host expressed ‘fake awww’ to her daughter, Adejare.

Many who reacted to the post said she’s trying to create content by force.

Simi had taken to Twitter to express concern over a fake love showered at her baby girl by an air host during an encounter.

“This air host guy really did one fake aww for Deja. Is it by force to say aw for baby. I did not greet you. She did not greet you. Why you fake aww my baby. God save you that I’m working on myself. Ko ko aw buruku danu,” she wrote.

“Trying to create content by force” – Simi mocked over comment on how air host gave daughter ‘fake awww’

This however was followed by mixed reactions on the definition of a fake awww and how she could tell of its originality.

“How does she know the awww was fake? Either ways the hair host was just trying to be nice and welcoming it’s part of his job,” a user wrote in reaction.

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