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Cheating Man Creates A WhatsApp Group For His Girlfriends




Cheating Man Creates A WhatsApp Group For His Girlfriends

A man who was caught cheating decided to create a WhatsApp group for both his lovers so they could meet.

The man would wake up in the morning to greet both lovers on their WhatsApp group calling them his beautiful wives. At a point they even planned on going on a vacation together.

One of the lovers involved took to her social media page to recount the experience.

She wrote;

He cheated when I found out he decided to introduced me to the girl and surprisingly I didn’t have a problem with it, then he went on and created a whatsapp group added me and the new Bae, we used to talk on that group we were even planning a vacation. Every morning he would

Greet us in the group like “Good morning my two beautiful wives” and we would each reply “morning love”

She went on to share a chat with the other girlfriend to prove that this was true.

Read people’s reactions to the post below..

Legendary stuff, can he be invited as a guest speaker to the men’s conference next – @MooLwely

In respect…i salute ur ex…he was living on another planet…a true legend…tell him …i said i owe him money ye six pack..4 doing the most – @dumanimbatha

Still processing what I just read. But my processor is not compatible with the content. This is so futuristic and experimental. Let me read this again for the enth time – @tdimalo1

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